List of Household Items Worth the Investment

On blogger Hoang-Kim Cung's top 10 list of household items is the white Arhaus Beale sectional as seen in her modern transitional living room

When Johnny and I built our home, we knew it needed to be as functional as possible because we work from home all day and love to host friends and family. This is also why in addition to being functional, it also needed to be aesthetically pleasing. This means prioritizing and investing in items that are, depending on what it is, beautiful, comfortable, efficient and/or high quality. After two years in our home, here’s our top 10 list of household items worth the investment.

A list of household items recommended by blogger Hoang-Kim Cung

Arhaus Beale Sectional

I had to start with the best piece in the house, our sofa! It’s definitely an investment but if you have the means, I promise it’s worth it. We wanted something with clean lines for our more modern house, but it still needed to be casual and comfortable enough for working and hosting. Two other perks are the modular design that allows you to rearrange pieces and the perfectly fluffed cushions that never sag. My favorite part is the Crypton fabric. It’s sustainable without harsh chemicals or halogenated flame retardants, and most importantly, is stain, odor and moisture-resistant. It’s also SO soft! Note we had one of the arms on ours customized in case you’re looking for the exact same one!

Hidden Shoe Storage Cabinet

I’ve been so impressed with this hidden shoe storage priced at under $100. It has two drawers that can fit six pairs of shoes each and a shelf inside both of them. The cabinet is very unassuming and doesn’t look like a shoe holder, which I appreciate even more considering the amount of storage you get.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

It’s no secret we like to keep our home very tidy, which makes a cordless vacuum like this one so nice. Our V11 is no longer available but I’m pretty sure this is the update! We can pull this out for quick vacuums without spending a majority of the time plugging it in and out. There’s also a lot of different attachments that make getting everything clean really easy. It’s truly the best and we’ll never go back to a regular vacuum! I promise you’ll be adding it to your own favorites list of household items too.

Dyson Purifying Heater & Fan

This purifier has been so good for our home – it does everything. It automatically detects pollution, captures even the smallest pollutants, and also automatically heats and cools the purified air. With the app you get access to all kinds of reporting, which I love because I always know what’s going on with our home and feel so safe!

Le Creuset 5.5 qt Dutch Oven

In 2016, I saved up for the 3.5 qt Le Creuset dutch oven because I love to cook and it quickly became a staple. We use it for everything! The heat retention is amazing, the enamel coating never chips and you don’t need to season it to avoid sticking. Now that we own our own house and have family over regularly, we sized up to the 5.5 qt version. As someone who plans to have kids one day, I also love that it’s something that’s able to be passed down. That’s how high quality it is! There’s a reason Le Creuset is considered the gold standard of cooking and it’s bound to make your favorites list of household items.

Crate & Barrel Mercer Plates

These plates are simply beautiful. They fit with our modern aesthetic but also have an organic surface that makes them a little softer and artisanal-looking. I also love how well sized they are! It’s the perfect scale for our large dining table. The price is absolutely amazing and they look much more expensive than they actually are. A full set is very reasonably priced and if one were to break it wouldn’t be a big deal to replace it.

Apple Magic Trackpad

Johnny and I love to work, which means we take our technology very seriously. We both swear by the Magic Trackpad! Though initially it takes some getting used to because using a mouse is more common for desktops, once you do it’s quite practical. Of course, I also appreciate how it’s less aesthetically distracting than a mouse! The trackpad is wireless and rechargeable, though the battery will last a month between charges so it’s not an inconvenience.

Serena & Lily Guerneville Bath Mat

I never thought I could love a bath mat so much, until I picked up this one from Serena & Lily! With the simple design you may think you can find something similar for less, but this one is incredibly high quality. It dries super quickly and is SO plush. It feels like memory foam! I even put them in my parents’ bathrooms because I thought it may make standing on the tile easier for them. We throw them into the washing machine as needed and they’ve all held up so well.

Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed Sheet Set

You’ve probably heard a lot about Boll & Branch – I promise they’re not overhyped! After being sold on three things, we got our first set of Boll & Branch sheets in Fall 2019. First of all, they truly are incredibly soft. And they only get softer the more you wash them! The quality of the organic cotton is also top notch. We wash ours pretty consistently and have never experienced issues with pilling or stitching. What I appreciate most as a consumer is how their fabrics and products are responsibly sourced and fair trade. I like investing in a brand so intentional about treating the planet and their workers well. They’ve earned a place on this top 10 list of household items.

Serena & Lily Fouta Towels

These towels completely surprised me in the best way when they arrived. I didn’t know towels could be so soft and quick drying! When you also consider the weight and stripes, they’re very similar to Turkish towels. I like how the design adds a little bit of interest without being overwhelming. They complement our style very well and I like having them out on display.

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