6 Inspiring Books We Recommend to Everyone

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung sits in her Ellison Track Arm Chair in white in her transitional dining room with the McGee & Co Antoni extendable dining table, wishbone chairs from poly & bark, live fiddle leaf fig plant, modern LED chandelier with inspiring books

I grew up a bookworm and to this day love reading. Johnny loves physical books while lately, I’ve been gravitating more toward audio books. It’s just easy and convenient for me to listen to books while I do the dishes, clean the house, take a shower and get ready in the morning. Regardless of how you’re reading, I encourage you to do it! Reading keeps your mind young, sharp and expands our world. Johnny and I read a ton, but there are six inspiring books we love and think everyone should read!

Modern dining room with a Restoration Hardware Ellison Track Arm chair on casters, McGee & Co Antoni dining table by Ethnicraft, wishbone chairs, birdies flats, inspiring books

Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

Personal finance is 90% personal and 10% finance. So much of money isn’t logic…it’s human behavior. Morgan Housel provides a tour de force of whimsical and moving stories that change your relationship with money. He has a chapter that’s one page. There’s no fluff, which I think is great for inspiring books. Just a bunch of fantastic stories of money and human behavior to learn from. If that recommendation wasn’t enough, it’s not everyday that Cavalry Media, producer of the Social Network and Fifty Shades of Gray, licenses your book to make a video series or movie with all the financial trappings.

When Breath Becomes Air by Dr. Paul Kalanithi

A beautiful autobiography by American neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi detailing his life and his battle with stage IV metastatic lung cancer. A truly beautiful book that will change your perspective on life, success, struggles and happiness. I read this on my Seabourn Cruise and it moved me to tears.  I walked away with even more respect for those in the medical profession, particularly doctors, and a newfound perspective on life. Easily one of my top most inspiring books.

Reboot: Leadership and the Art of Growing Up by Jerry Colona

Reboot is an interactive book for anyone stuck in a leadership rut. It really forces you to think introspectively and then hear the stories of others in a way that gets you to an AHA! moment. If you’re in a transitioning moment in life, this book will help you start answering the hard questions. The author who is a successful operator and investor has been called a living Boddhivista. That’s some of the highest praise I’ve ever heard. His superpower is making people cry. No…not because he’s mean, but because he really sees people. This book can do that. I’ve spent plenty of reflective Sundays going through the book and exercises.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung in her dining room with an Ellison Track Armchair, McGee & Co Antoni extendable dining table, wishbone chairs from poly & bark, live fiddle leaf fig plant, modern LED chandelier with inspiring books

The Body Keeps The Score by Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Trauma and stress are part of life. No one can avoid it. Dr. Bessel van der Kolk is one of the world’s foremost experts on traumatic stress and this book explains how traumatic stress can literally rearrange the brain’s wiring. Through reading this book, I have a deeper understanding of trauma, the ways it can be treated and ultimately how we can all be a better human. Those who suffer traumas generally pass it down to their children and those in their life. We are all affected by it and this inspiring book is a treasure trove of research but also a great starting point to better understand yourself and others.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgenson

The style of writing and graphics in this book can be life changers. It’s a simple two-part book on wealth and happiness. The quote that always sticks with me is, “People often forget that Buddha was a prince first.” People forget that to achieve enlightenment, you have to first realize how more there is to life than having everything. There are no shortcuts. That quote reframed my world. He does this several times over uncovering hidden truths in all our lives.

10% Happier by Dan Harris

I highly recommend the audiobook for this one. Since Dan Harris is a TV Journalist, he has the beautiful ability to draw you in with his voice, make you feel comfortable and also make you want to roll on the floor laughing. A straight-up, honest approach to how you can be a happier person and how incredible meditation can be. Dan Harris details what led to his meltdown and panic attack that happened to be on live TV in front of millions of people and how he climbed out of the hole he got himself in.

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