How to Make a Small Living Room Bigger

Minted Art (dotted print + strokes print), Futon sofaIkea + Target storage boxes
From west elm: throw, Mongolian lamb pillow, suede tassel pillow, storage coffee table, storage console, rug, floor lamp, vasesculptural spheres

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
You may remember I moved to Norfolk back in April. I am living in only 557 square feet! It’s absolutely crazy and sometimes it boggles my mind how small my home is. In today’s post, I’m sharing how to make a small living room look bigger. It’s incredible how much of a difference the right furniture and styling can make when transforming a space. Before I moved my furniture in, my home looked so tiny – almost like I would never fit anything in it!

Since this is my second apartment, I wanted it to show my maturing style and taste. I wanted real art to hang on my walls, showcasing my classic and feminine style. I love these prints from Minted. They are colorful, but not too overwhelming, perfect for my small living room. I am also loving navy blues and pinks mixed with grays lately so these prints are the epitome of what I was envisioning in my head! I didn’t want to get something too large, so I went with two 18 x 24 prints to go above my futon sofa.

An interior designer with the Virginia Beach west elm came out to my apartment to help me beautify the space while maintaining function. Paxton did an incredible job! I love my small living room now because it feels so much bigger. Here are some important things to remember on how to maximize a small living room.

  1. Buy storage furniture – Both my coffee table and console are from west elm’s lacquer storage collection. In my coffee table, I hide coasters, tissues, candles, a yoga mat and some knick knacks. In my console, I have my keys, various remotes and household items. When items are tucked away, your space appears clutter free and makes your small living room look larger.
  2. Pick a color scheme – I absolutely love color, but it’s important to have a cohesive look, too. I went with navy blues and pinks and kept while mixing in grays and white. White really brightens and makes a space appear bigger than it is. These two prints from MintedBlousy and Up, are what I centered my color scheme around.
  3. Lay your rug diagonally – When Paxton started rolling out the rug diagonally I was perplexed. Then he was finished and I was amazed at how it really elongated the space. It’s an optical illusion really stretching out my small living room.
  4. Less is more – Living in a small space really makes me consolidate my belongings. Before, I would have way more items on my coffee table. Now, because of the small space, I certainly keep this at bay. Have a place for everything and put everything back in its place, too.

After the transformation, my living room feels so much larger. Not to mention, how I have more storage space. It’s incredible how a couple prints, a rug and some storage furniture can transform a small living room. If you don’t want to put nails into your walls, you can use certainly use command sticks. Floating shelves are often overlooked, but are great too. My next project is my bedroom, which is absolutely tiny! Wish me luck!

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