Honest Review of the Nuna Pipa Urbn Car Seat and Travel System

I remember being pregnant and researching various car seats and strollers. I had previously done so much research for my brother when he had his daughter less than a year ago. Based on countless reviews, I encouraged him to purchase the Nuna Pipa RX infant car seat and the Uppababy Vista stroller. I had planned to do the same… and then my research showed me something new had become available: Nuna Pipa Urbn Car Seat and Travel System. This car seat is the only one on the market that doesn’t need a base and uses the LATCH system. What does that mean? You can literally install it in seconds into the backseat of almost any car without a base. Instantly sold. I purchased it in March and a month later our daughter was born.

The Nuna PIPA URBN Details

While this is the only car seat I’ve owned, I’ve handled a few thanks to friends having babies. I couldn’t have asked for a better car seat and am so thankful we went with this route. The URBN is very lightweight at 7 lbs without the canopy and inserts. I can easily hold it with one hand and lift our daughter in and out of the car. We always have the canopy attached and I appreciate how it’s UPF 50+, extendable and features a flip-out eyeshade. Whenever she’s sleeping, I close everything to make sure it stays nice and dark for her.

LATCH System

Of course, the integrated LATCH system is the main reason I purchased this car seat. Being able to seamlessly move the car seat from car to car without compromising her safety means a lot to me. Whether we are in our car, a family member’s or a friend, she is safe. When we traveled to New York City, it gave me so much peace of mind knowing whatever Uber we got, we could rely on LATCH and not have to worry about doing the seatbelt method in the middle of a busy intersection.

There are red and green indicators to let you know if the URBN is properly installed. Red means it’s not fully clicked in and green means you’re good to go. You will also hear the distinctive click, too, so you don’t always have to have visual confirmation.

Taking the car seat out is also a breeze. It’s one button on the back of the seat (parallel to where baby’s head is) and it’s a breeze to snap. Once you press it, you can lift the handle and be on your merry way.

Care & Maintenance

We don’t exactly baby this car seat, but we don’t toss it around either. Overall, I’m quite pleased with how it’s holding up. We are going on 14 months of use and it looks great! We mostly use our cordless Dyson to suck up any crumbs, dirt or debris that’s dry. If there’s a blow out or as part of our monthly routine, we’ll use the Bissell Green Machine to get it nice and clean. It works like a charm.

The fabric the URBN car seat is made of plays a role in the ease of use and care. I appreciate how it’s made with fire-retardant free materials and the fibers are naturally flame resistant. No harmful chemicals are added, which aligns with our lifestyle. The head support and body inserts are made with one of my favorite fabrics, merino wool! It’s environmentally friendly and temperature regulating, so we know our daughter is comfortable. The other fiber is TENCEL, which controls moisture and also environmentally friendly.

The NUNA TRIV Stroller

When we were looking to purchase the URBN carseat, we saw it was only available in a travel system, meaning you also purchase a stroller and it comes as a set. We had three options to choose between: MIXX, TRIV, TRVL.

Ultimately, we chose TRIV and are so happy with it. It has all-wheel suspension, which I can feel when we’re pushing the stroller. Whether I’m on grass, mulch, dirt or a smooth grocery store aisle, the stroller glides easily with little effort. I appreciate how it turns easily and feels like it’s floating. There is a one-touch braking system to lock the stroller.

As aspect we so appreciate about the TRIV is how it folds up nice and compact with just one pull and stands on its own. If you’re in a restaurant, you can fold it and leave it with coat check or by the hostess for ease. Plus, you can turn the seat so your little one can face you or the world.

The only downside to this stroller is the seat is a separate attachment. If you want to put in the car seat, you pop in the ring adapter and the carseat clicks in right on top. This is ideal for appointments and quick stops or trips. Many parents recommend the Doona transformer car seat and stroller, but we felt like this was ultimately a better purchase. We love the storage basket underneath and how the stroller itself is good until your little one is much older. It’s so easy and takes seconds to pop the car seat in and out of the stroller.

When we traveled to New York City, getting in and out of Ubers was a breeze. It’s fast, easy and most importantly, safe. We didn’t bring the seat attachment and baby girl was just fine! We took her out at restaurants, the park and let her explore so she wasn’t in the car seat for too long.

If you are going to be out for more than an hour, I’d recommend popping in the seat attachment. We’ve used this on road trips, the fair, the arboretum and most outings around town now that she’s older. It’s very comfortable for her. Plus, she’s also able to do snack or meal times in the seat!

The NUNA TRVL Stroller

I got to borrow a friend’s Nuna TRVL stroller when I traveled solo with baby girl to Florida. To say I am blown away would be an understatement. She dropped it off the night before and it took me less than a minute to figure it out. Called the TRVL for a reason, this compact stroller folds on its own and stands with the push of a button. Watch it in action here with the URBN car seat.

It opens with one fluid hand motion and is incredibly lightweight at 13.6 pounds. While it fits in the overhead bin of most planes, I opted to check it with the car seat and baby wear through the airport. I used the Nuna CUDL Luxe carrier and it was a dream! Especially for someone who has chronic back and tailbone pain. However, I could see myself holding onto it when baby girl is older and heavier, haha!

The reason I borrowed this stroller is because it doesn’t have an extra seat attachment. The car seat clicks in right on top of the seat for ease. You really do not need to bring anything else, which is the allure. It has a storage basket, which is a must for diaper bag, extra toys or whatever you need. You can also recline the seat once your little one falls asleep, too!

It doesn’t handle quite as well as the TRIV, but since it is a more compact stroller, I’m not asking for that. It does glide very well in comparison to other compact strollers and feels like it’s floating sometimes! I pushed it through sand, dirt, grass and it was easy.

There’s a small zip pocket at the top for small flat items such as sunglasses, keys or a wallet. I’d recommend purchasing a separate bag attachment if you want more storage.

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