Gift Guide for Men :: Johnny’s Picks for 2017

Gift Guide for Men
Howdy, Y’all! Johnny here! I’m back for my second year of writing this gift guide for men. I’m a big believer in investment pieces, so yes, some items crossover from the 2016 edition. If you are struggling to find a nice gift for the men in your life, look no further. Whether it’s your significant other, Dad, brother, friend, boss, coworker, second Uncle or whoever, I have you covered. Trust me and read along, folks.

Gift Guide for Men - Color & Chic

Amazon Prime Subscription – To give you a quick answer, you’ll benefit from the service if you purchase items from Amazon 10-20 times per year, average less than $25 per order and care about getting your stuff in less than a week. That’s just for shipping costs you save. You can share this subscription so you can buy stuff with prime shipping too! Altogether, around 70+ purchases run through my account a year, so it’s a no-brainer. When you add in the Kindle Lending Library letting you rent a book at a time and Amazon’s version of Netflix (candidly I’ve never watched one show or movie, but they’ve won plenty of awards), it’s an even better deal. Amazon’s mission is to make this stupid for people not to have. I concur.

Xbox Live – If a guy in your life has an Xbox, it’s highly likely he needs Xbox Live. Dare I say, he might be dying without it. Whether it’s playing Overwatch, Destiny 2, Madden, or NBA2K18 he’ll want to be doing it with friends. If you find him trash talking a 12-year-old, just know it’s the way of the world on Xbox Live. 

Harvard Business Review -As a businessman, what’s a better way to look smart and be smart than having a subscription to Harvard Business Review? Whether it’s lounge table reading, bathroom reading, or at his office desk, it’ll look smart and make him smarter.

Gym Membership – Need I say more? Hell…sign him up for classes or a trainer and really get things in gear heading into the New Year. No need to wait until January 1, 2018  to start!

Gift Guide for Men - Color & Chic

The Alchemist – This book changed my life. Bar none, it’ll be on my gift list forever. A simple story about a boy looking for treasure. Join Santiago on his unforgettable journey.

Harry’s Shave Kit / Bevel -Harry’s is for those men with straight hair and Bevel is a specially crafted single blade razor created for men with coarse hair, typically afro-latino men of color. We all want to look suave, right?

Tribe of Mentors – Candidly, I haven’t read this book, but it’s literally on my wishlist. Plus, Tim Ferris shows he’s a master of interviewing very hard to access people and getting them to share very tactical tips you can apply immediately. This book is to be read and referenced more like an encyclopedia than reading front to back. It’s a tool you can keep for years to come.

The Badass Glass – Sadly, the mugs Kimmie and I always give out are being discontinued. Womp womp. Thankfully, there is a whiskey glass replacement. They are personal and every time someone uses them, they’ll be forced to think of you. Who doesn’t want that?

Cards Against Humanity – Because as long as you have friends with a sense of humor, this is a game Y’all can play for hours! This is a test of humor, creativity and sensibilities.

Manly Water Bottle or Coffee Cup – Whether he brings this outdoors on a hiking or camping trip or just brings it to the office, this screams manly. Carry water, coffee, or soups confidently. Nuff said.

Gift Guide for Men - Color & Chic

The Must-Have Sweater – This sweater has kept me warm through and through. A great laying piece for hikes that’s relatively lightweight and good in cool to cold temperatures. Incredibly versatile and snuggle-worthy if you’re laying on his chest.

Fly Kicks -This is a great paired present with that gym membership (wink wink). Whether he’s pairing these with gym shorts or just running errands, his shoe game won’t disappoint.

Carry-On Luggage – As a traveling businessman, there’s nothing like keeping your stuff with you. You can’t risk losing your belongings to checked luggage or wait in line dealing with that mess. Having a respectable carry-on is a must have for every professional traveler.

Stylin’ Backpack – If you’re in the city or major metro, having a stylish backpack or bag is a must. This is a versatile item for grad students and professionals alike.

Gift Guide for Men - Color & Chic

Athleisure Style -This year, take his athleisure to the next level. I’m in love with this brand that’s making European style athletic clothes that are very fashionable, well trimmed and still has everything you want for workouts including sweat-wicking and breathability. Do errands in these and always look like you’re about to workout or just left one. Extremely comfortable.

Apple Watch – Incredibly useful for both tracking activity and getting calendar and message notifications relatively discreetly. It’s definitely one of those products saying this guy knows tech, even if he doesn’t hah!

Charging Luggage – This luggage will charge any of your devices so long as you have a USB cord. Enough said.

Game of Thrones Season 1-7 Box Set – I’ve only seen the pilot. Not kidding. Regardless, I’ve heard enough ravenous fans and plenty of friends try to get me hooked. Therefore, I’m 99 percent confident this will be a great box set to get in preparation for the final season, whenever that’s actually going to launch. 2019 is what I last heard, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up.

Big Green Egg Grill – I’ll always remember a funny story I heard about these. These are made in Mexico, but illegal to own in Mexico so if you owned one, it’s like having a Rolex watch. Total status symbol. You’re the Don. I haven’t done the research to fact check that story, but it’s badass. I’ve also had the pleasure of eating grill meats, smoked meats and even a baked pizza from this thing during an internship at my boss’s house. It’s amazing and screw whoever tells you differently. This will be a welcome addition to your backyard BBQs.

Apple Airpods – Life changing product. How do I know? I lost one and couldn’t live without them. I literally shelled out good money for an additional ONE Airpod. Needless to say, once you have these, you can’t go back to wired earbuds. These things spoil you. They are actually deceptively hard to lose and they really don’t fall out of your ears unless you want them to. They aren’t noise canceling, so don’t expect epic sound magic, but for someone on the phone on a lot of phone calls during the day, the ability to walk and talk without my phone in hand and just wander is truly freeing.

Business Man Messenger Bag -This is the next step for every businessman. Originally in the next price category, but Kimmie notices it’s on sale. We just saved you $$$$. The man in your life whether it’s your other half, brother, Dad, uncle, whoever, needs a trusted leather bag. Laptop or tablet, essential paperwork, pens, and notebook, it all goes inside. I get compliments on my Ted Baker bag regularly. This will fit all his work attire and will definitely get him noticed. This bag screams, “I know how to make good decisions.”

Gift Guide for Men - Color & Chic

Xbox One – Really, it comes down to exclusive games and what his friends are playing on. Also, this system can double as your way to a smart TV if you need Netflix, Hulu, or Youtube access. Win-win!

PS4 – Ditto to up top.

Classic Watch – I don’t own many watches myself, but I can appreciate them. This is one of my favorite “beginner” watches because of the day/date feature and detailing that’s unique like the open back letting you view the inner workings of the watch. These mechanics have always been miraculous to me, so getting a window in this package is breathtaking for me. A timepiece with a little vintage feel, but meant to be respected in all modern settings.

Headphones – Kimmie rarely sleeps on planes. Kimmie buys these and now can sleep on planes. That’s all you need to know. Oh, the sound quality is magic, too.

Gift Guide for Men - Color & Chic

iPhone X -This is the gift I’m giving myself. Kimmie is head over heels on this phone because of how visually stunning the screen is. Plus, the camera is incredible, so if you want to transform your man into an IG husband, he will need this. Oh and when he can send you animojis, you’ll love it.

Life-Saving Jacket – My gift last year from Kimmie. You don’t appreciate having a light windproof, waterproof outer shell until you’re hiking in the rain for three hours and your friend is cold and wet in his “waterproof” jacket and you’re dry as the Sierra in yours. This will be something I keep for a lifetime and is a fantastic outer shell for windy days, wet days, snow days and any days you just need a dependable jacket. You get what you pay for with this kind of stuff. Simply the best outer shell you can buy.

Mavic Pro Drone – Because every boy has wanted to fly or be a pilot. I’ve had a lot of friends gift this as a toy, but you’d be surprised with all the things you could do with it. He can even turn it into a business opportunity. Collect amazing drone footage for professional photographers, real estate agents and more. This is the drone Kimmie’s news station uses.

HUGO BOSS Tuxedo -If the man you’re shopping for is between 21-40, it’s likely a time he’ll be going to a couple maybe a lot of weddings. If not weddings, there are plenty of occasions to look extra dapper. He’ll need a well-fitting Tuxedo for these occasions and there’s no time like the present to get a nice Tux. Get it tailored well and have a handsome Tuxedo making him feel like James Bond.

Photography by: Mae Small