Easing into the Day :: Soft Pink PJs

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Adore Me Soft Pink PJs
Anthropologie Bedding, west elm throw pillow, IKEA vase and dresser

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
You may recall for a good while, I worked an odd shift when I was the morning show anchor and reporter. I would go to bed around 5 pm and wake up just after 1 am! It was bizarre, but it had its pros and cons. Now, I’m working pretty much the opposite shift, but I absolutely love being a nightside reporter. I have always been a morning person and now I get to completely enjoy my mornings and take things slow. Here are the things I do every morning and the best part? It doesn’t take hours! Just about 20 minutes.

  • Drink a cup of hot water, lemon, honey and ginger: This has been my morning routine for about two years. My Mom has been telling me to do this for as long as I can remember, but of course, it wasn’t until I moved out and lived on my own I finally started doing it. When I first wake up, I can’t imagine eating a heavy meal or drinking coffee. I like to prepare my stomach for the day ahead, so the lemon and ginger help me detox and aids digestion. Other benefits include boosting the immune system, balancing pH levels, clears skin, aiding in weight loss and more. I will say I don’t believe this will help you lose weight, but it will help keep weight off.
  • Five Minute Journal: Johnny bought this for both of us last year and I’ve loved using it ever since. Last year I went through some struggles and even though I have always been a positive person, I needed some assistance. This journal, which I write in twice a day, helped me leaps and bounds. It truly reminded me of what I should be grateful for – even the little things. I would highly recommend this for everyone. It literally takes five minutes for the entire day.

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