Diamond Shapes 101 :: Carats & Coffee with JamesAllen.com

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I’m sure it’s no surprise Johnny and I love coffee. Nowadays when Johnny and I are together, we love setting up shop in a cafe sipping on coffee and getting work done. When we first met, we loved exploring coffee shops in Dallas. Then Austin when we went to the University of Texas. That love for coffee continues now when we travel, whether it’s to faraway places including Seoul or a few hours away such as Washington, D.C. I feel as if a cup of coffee is such a great bonding experience. It sets up the mood for whatever you’d like to talk about, good or bad. In this case, we’d like to talk to you about something good and sparkly: carats!

In April, JamesAllen.com invited us to New York City to take part in their Diamond Shapes 101 video. It’s truly such an honor a company that’s been really disrupting the diamond industry and how couples shop for diamond rings. It’s almost mindblowing to realize they have helped more than 150,000 couples find the diamond of their dreams online. That’s where Johnny and I came in. We were to take part in their video helping couples select the perfect ring suited to them, whether it’s a classic round or a contemporary pear. This was our first big commercial shoot as bloggers! While we were a little nervous, the incredible crew and James Allen staff made us very comfortable. Do you remember the behind-the-scenes video on my Instagram story of Johnny eating lots of pears? To find out what it was all for, check out the video JamesAllen.com produced below:

If you are looking to get engaged or to get a diamond ring in the near future, JamesAllen.com really outdoes themselves. They create a 360-degree, high definition photo of every single diamond and gemstone so you can really get a good look at what you’re purchasing before you even add it to your shopping cart. It’s like a virtual showroom for those who shop online.

Of course, JamesAllen.com has a stunning collection of diamonds and settings to go with them. This rose gold oval diamond ring is a beauty and one of my favorites. Rose gold is very popular right now but I also believe it has the ability to withstand the test of time. I’m seeing more pear shapes pop up, too. After seeing this particular rose gold pear diamond ring in person, I can definitely be swooned by it. On my other hand is more of a classic look if you will. An oval diamond ring matched with a thicker diamond wedding ring.

Johnny and I are really enjoying this vlogging journey, so please check out our video from our New York Trip, which includes some New York eats, a behind-the-scenes look at our shoot and our day in the city!

We hope this post inspires and moves you in some way, no matter where you are in your diamond journey. If you are getting engaged soon, we hope this is helpful and you’ve learned a little bit about diamonds. It’s so important to be a well-educated consumer when it comes to diamonds and James Allen definitely makes that easy!

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