A Classy New Year’s Eve Dress I Have an Obsession With

Retrofete Grace Dress in white perfect for brides, bridal showers and bachelorette partiesClassy New Year's Eve dresses at Top of the RockWhite sequin dress for bridal showers, bachelorettes and wedding reception
[outfit_details]White Sequin Dress (V-Neck Version Here), Blush Suede Platform Heels (similar)
Kendra Scott Jolie Hoop Earrings c/o, Chanel Boy Bag (similar), YSL Lipstick [/outfit_details]

The last time I lusted after a dress this much was my Miss USA gown. It’s kind of crazy to say but this white sequin dress has been on my mind for months. Coming from the Miss USA and pageant world, I know a high-quality dress when I see one. It’s all about the quality of the fabric, beads, the stitching and of course, the cut. This dress is definitely a splurge but it’s absolutely worth every penny. If you’re looking for a classy New Year’s Eve dress, this is it! You can tell the quality of this dress even from pictures. It’s heavy so you know the sequins are incredible quality. Plus, not a single sequin has fallen off. If you’ve ever worn sequined clothing, you know this is a huge tell-tell sign of how well something is made.

Retrofete Grace Dress in white - white sequin dress with velvet sash perfect for brides, bridal shower, bachelorettes, weddings and more

This classy New Year’s Eve Dress in white is extremely comfortable to wear. The entire dress is lined so it’s not itchy at all. Plus, the sequins stay on. You can tell the quality of the dress by how heavy it is. It’s not an overwhelming amount, but it’s definitely substantial. I’ve lusted after this brand for months and put a lot of careful consideration into which dress to buy. I knew I wanted the boat neck version instead of the v-neck for comfort sake. Since I am now well-endowed in the chest department, wearing higher neck or more conservative cuts is more comfortable for me. This particular combo, the white and boat neck is currently very rare. However, this dress comes in endless colors between both the boat and v-neck.

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Retrofete Grace Dress in white for brides or any special occasion Retrofete Grace Dress in white perfect for brides, bridal showers and bachelorette parties

Wear Again & Again

I’m wearing size XS with nipple covers since there is a keyhole in the back. I’m tempted to switch it up and move the keyhole to the front, too. While this is a classy New Year’s Eve dress there are so many other occasions you can wear this!  Little did I know, my friends Amanda and Amanda convinced me to get the white because they knew Johnny would propose to me! I had a close call with wanting to get the yellow because it’s on sale! I remember casually mentioning to them, “I mean, I like the white because I can wear it so many places…plus I’ll probably get married in the next five years so I’ll wear it for that.” Never, in my wildest dreams did I think I would wear this dress as a fiancee two weeks after getting it!

What’s even crazier is when we were taking these photos at The Top of the Rock in New York City and both gals told me to jump in the middle of the shot I said, “I feel like a bride on her bachelorette or something!” They both laughed and I literally thought nothing of it. So many things make sense, now!

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