The Breakthrough Skincare Routine You Need to Try

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I take my skincare very seriously and I’m happy to report in the past year, I’ve been able to really nail down what I like to call a breakthrough skincare routine. It’s made wonders for my skin and it’s so nice to really get it under control after having really bad breakouts in 2018. Of course, everyone’s skin is different, but this routine did it for me. If you’re struggling with your skin, I highly recommend you at least give these products a try!

Naturally, I’ve swapped some things out since my winter skincare routine because temperatures have changed. However, a lot of the items are my holy-grail items so they stay the same. Consistency is key, so don’t skip nights or days! To help simplify things, I’ve created a skincare chart with the correct order to apply all of your products. Subscribe to my newsletter to get it right in your inbox! Save it to your phone or print it out and put on your bathroom mirror to help keep you accountable to your skincare routine.

His and Hers piped edge towels in a Dallas apartment bathroom


Before we deep-dive into my skincare routine, I want to share these new towels we recently got from Weezie Towels. These are top-notch quality towels made by a family-owned factory in Portugal. They are so fluffy, absorbent and I really appreciate how they have a towel ring so you can put them on a towel hook without damaging the towels! You can get the custom embroidered (they can do anything) so we opted for HIS and HERS in our master bathroom. For our future guest bathroom, we got CLEAN and all of them are on the black piped edge towels.

You may notice the navy blue towel with eyelashes in the photo below. These are Weezie’s makeup towels and they don’t show stains. Super functional and super cute with the embroidery. They have other options, but with my affinity for false lashes, I felt this one was best.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her morning skincare routine to clear skin


I truly think of my skincare routine as my time to myself. Even if it’s just a few minutes in the morning, it’s my time to foster a good habit and boost my confidence. Having good skin can do wonders for your self-esteem and I hope my breakthrough skincare routine helps you!


Many of us sweat in our sleep, oils are produced and you don’t want that stuff sitting on your face when you apply your skincare. It’s so important to cleanse your skin first thing in the morning. I’ve been using the Kate Sommerville Daily Foaming Wash and really enjoy it as a gentle cleanser. I use a generous pea-sized amount and it’s perfect for getting my face nice and clean!


Toner delivers a quick dose of hydration to your face after cleansing and preps your skin for the skincare products you’re about to apply to it. But, you need to apply within a minute of cleansing your skin for it to take full effect. Be fast! It’s like a primer for your serums and moisturizers. I’ve been using the Skinceuticals LHA Toner and it helps with clogged pores to keep my skin clear. I apply using a cotton pad both morning and night.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her morning skincare routine with farmacy eye cream, Colleen Rothschild sheer renewal cream, Kate Sommerville cleanser and Skinceuticals C E Ferulic


One of my holy-grail skincare products! If you aren’t already using a vitamin C serum, you need to. I started using the Skinceuticals C E Ferulic in late September and it’s a total gamechanger! My skin is plump, glowing and softer than its ever been. After just two weeks, I could see a visible difference in my skin. You can read my in-depth review of this serum on this post. I apply three drops, one on each cheek and my forehead and press it into my skin. If you want, you can use a rose quartz or jade roller to really help it absorb. Make sure to only roll in upward motions.


A new addition to my breakthrough skincare routine I’m loving! I got this as part of a PR package from Farmacy and this little Cheer Up eye cream definitely puts a smile on my face! It has Vitamin C, which we all need. It brightens and has the coolest lightweight texture. It’s a cream but almost sponge-like. It’s really cool, plus it’s a clean beauty brand.


Another new addition, the Colleen Rothschild Sheer Renewal Cream is treating my skin right! Not only does it provide hydration that lasts (I have very dry skin), but it promotes new cell turnover! The appearance of lines and wrinkles get minimized over time and it adds broad environmental defense, which we need for the day!

Master bathroom ideas with dusty blue cabinets, white terrazzo countertops, gold faucet and hardware, black mirrors, marble shower curtain


Please, please, please do not skip this step because we are all quarantining and sheltering-in-place. If you are even near a window, sunscreen is needed. It’s wild what rays can do to your skin. I hate white flash, so I have tried a lot of sunscreens to find the perfect one. Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen is my absolute favorite because you can’t see it and it also acts like an incredible primer for makeup! Don’t forget to apply to your neck and on your chest too, especially if your skin is exposed.


I cannot live without hydrating my lips. I love lip products and long-lasting lipstick, so having moisturized lips is a must! I recently started using Awake’s Daytime Lip Mask and love it for spring! It has a sheer red tint, which is great over liner or under your favorite liquid lipstick. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and vegan. Can’t go wrong there.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares how she removes her makeup during her nighttime skincare routine in her Dallas apartment bathroom with Weezie his and hers towels, wearing Tommy John loungewear



I harp on this all the time, but please, please, please do not use makeup wipes! They are so bad for your skin. I go more into detail on this post. I highly recommend cleansing oils. I’ve used them since I was about 17-years-old. The DHC cleansing oil is my favorite and what I’ve been using for the past few months. I use one and a half pumps for my entire face. I rub it between my hands and then onto my face. I do my eyes last since there’s usually eyeliner and lash glue involved. Then, I rinse it off with warm water. Another makeup remover I got is the Elemis Cleansing Balm. I’ve used it a few times


After removing makeup, your skin is clean! I’ve been using this Skinceuticals Purifying Cleanser and love how the glycolic acid exfoliates my skin while being gentle. It’s so important to double cleanse.. Especially if you wear makeup, you need to actually take it off to be able to actually cleanse your skin afterward and get it clean. This is the secret to my breakthrough skincare routine. You really can’t skip either step if you wear makeup. Other cleansers I love are this LHA one and Philosophy Purity.


I use the same toner at night I use in the morning!

Nighttime skincare routine with Elemis cleansing balm, Skinceuticals blemish + age defense, DHC Cleasing oil, isle of paradise self tanner, Kate sommerville and more


I’ve been using this for months and absolutely love it. Perfect for soaking in all the moisture while I sleep. When I wake up, my eye area is plump and moisturized. Plus, I don’t look haggard (anyone else love The Holiday?)


This is the power player in my breakthrough skincare routine. The Skinceuticals Blemish + Age Defense transformed my skin after suffering from breakouts in 2018. It cleared my adult acne in two weeks and keeps signs of aging at bay. When I initially started using this, I would apply it every night after removing makeup and washing my face. Now, since my skin is clear, I only use it every other night or every two nights. I apply one drop to my left cheek and rub that in on the left side of my face and then do the same for the right. Then, I’ll split a drop between my t-zone area. I also like to press it into the skin once I’ve applied. You can use a beauty roller to help with this, too.

Makeup towels that don't show stains after washing your face in a Dallas apartment bathroom with blue cabinets, white terrazzo countertops and gold faucet and hardware


Since spring started I’ve been using the same moisturizer at night as the daytime!


The nighttime version of the lip mask I use during the day. Again, I love how it’s cruelty-free, vegan and really keeps my lips supple.

Blogger Hoang-Kim shares her spring skincare routine including why she doesn't use makeup wipes in her Dallas apartment bathroom

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