Best Modular Sectional: The Arhaus Beale

the best modular sectional, the arhaus beale in nomad snow crypton fabric in blogger hoang-kim cung's transitional living room

It’s been 18 months since we got the Arhaus Beale aka the best modular sectional. Since we got it we have definitely lived on this sofa, including having parties, pets run around on it, kids and more. I want to provide an updated review of the Arhaus Beale in case you’re looking to buy one yourself. We are just as in love with it today as when it first came and our first impression still lingers. It is easily the best item we have in our home and we are beyond thrilled we went with this option.

What to Look for in a Sectional Sofa

Dimensions: First and foremost, it needs to fit your space. It doesn’t matter how perfect it is if you cannot get it into your living room or it literally takes over the space. Measure your space and play around with different configurations.

Construction: How the sofa is made, its foundation, what the cushions are made of and where. Pay attention to the craftsmanship to make sure you sofa will stand the test of time.

Fabric: We wanted a white sofa and we needed to never worry about it. Our Arhaus Beale sofa has crypton fabric. Liquids bead up, don’t absorb and every single stain comes right out.

Comfort: Can we truly live on this sofa? Do movie marathons? Take naps? What if tons of people stay over someone needs to crash on the couch? The cushions have to be comfortable and dreamy.

Our Arhaus Beale, the best modular sectional, exceeds in all of these categories and more!

How Has It Held Up?

18 months may have passed by, but our 4-piece sectional sofa looks new. If I were to forget we had our engagement party, got married and went on an Italian honeymoon, I would think it came yesterday! The cushions don’t sag and hold their shape. I don’t need to overly fluff to make it “look good” as it looks good right when you get up off of it.

Just like you should rotate your mattress, it is normal to flip the cushions around. We do it maybe once every six months because there are “hot spots” aka where we always sit.

Part of what makes the Arhaus Beale the best modular sectional is it’s made using solid, reinforced hardwood for lasting strength and superior stability. I know it won’t break if we jump on it (done that!) and won’t fall apart if Johnny and I try to move it around. One aspect that’s important to me is how furniture artisans in North Carolina handcraft this sofa. The Arhaus Beale is the best made in America sofa I’ve sat on!

The price tag can be a little scary to some, but a quality sofa will make the biggest difference in your home. Other than our waterfall island, it is the most expensive item in our home. While the price may give you sticker shock, think of it this way: you will truly live on your sofa. Whether you are watching TV, hanging out with friends, playing board games, snuggling up with your kids or your pets, eating, etc. We don’t even think twice when friends’ pets or kids get on our sofa because we know it can handle it. At one point last summer about five kids were jumping up and down on our sofa and eating on it!

I would rather save and wait to buy exactly what I want that I know will last years or decades, then have to “upgrade” every couple of years because something goes wrong. In the end, you may end up spending more if you go the later route of buying a new sofa every couple of years. Then add in the stress, potential back pain and having to wait for that new sofa to arrive. I’ve had a handful of followers tell me they wish they got the Arhaus Beale in the first place because they ended up buying it after trying other sofas, which fell short. If you’re in the market and have the resources to do so, I can’t recommend investing in the best modular sectional sooner rather than later.

Blogger Hoang-Kim Cung's living room in her transitional style home with a Framebridge gallery wall, curated pillows, and white Arhaus sofa

Another feature I love about the Beale is how it’s modular and customizable. You can add or take away pieces and if we move in the future to a bigger home to fit our growing family, we will absolutely be taking this with us and adding on more pieces to the configuration. There are four, five, six and more piece Beale configurations or you can totally customize one!

Plus, a lot of times, furniture retailers will start with a low base price, but once you’ve added in the performance fabric, deep cushions and any other features you may want, the price could end up being the same, if not more.

Yes, It’s Still White!

I mentioned earlier we really wanted a white sofa. We were not going to spend a lot of money and not get what we wanted: a beautiful white sofa with quality construction that would last. We got our Arhaus Beale in the Nomad Snow fabric, which is one of their stock options. Keep in mind, since most of Arhaus’ handcrafts their sofa in America, it may take a little bit of time to get to you. I promise it will be worth it.

We chose Nomad Snow fabric because it’s a beautiful creamy white and a Crypton fabric. Crypton fabrics are Earth-friend recyclable and sustainably certified. I appreciate knowing our sofa is sustainable and doesn’t have harsh chemicals or flame retardants. But what does Crypton really mean? You may have heard the term performance fabric before. It simply means it’s engineered with stain-,odor- and moisture-resistant technology in every fiber. Liquids bead right up and don’t absorb. It is beyond easy to clean with just a cloth.

If a stain is particularly tough, use Folex and it will come right out, I promise. Worst case, you use Cyrpton cleaner, but I have yet to use this. For regular maintenance, we will use our Dyson cordless vacuum with the upholstery attachment.

The Nitty Gritty Details

Let’s talk about how and what the Arhaus Beale Sectional Sofa is made of. Earlier, I mentioned the hardwood for stability, but there is so much more than that. The frames of the sofa have a no-sag, recycled steel support system. This sits underneath the seat cushions to provide support.

When you sit and sink into the sofa, you’re most likely leaning against the backrests. Memory fibers, which provide comfort and long-lasting resiliency fill the backrests. Also, there is foam and flexible webbing. This is key if you’re going to spend long hours on your sofa! No back pain, just a whole lot of cozy!

Remember how I said the seat cushions don’t sag? That’s because there are steel coils to provide additional support and comfort. This is on top of dense eco-friendly foam, which is padded with down feathers and a poly-fiber to give you that “sink into” feel we love so much!

We actually love our Arhaus Beale, the best modular sectional, more today than the day we got it. It’s so cozy, comfortable and seeing our friends and family snuggle up on the sofa with us makes our hearts full. Plus, it’s nice to finally find a white sectional sofa doing everything we want. It’s more than just beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, it truly lives with us and doesn’t show any signs of age.

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