Best Gifts for Men This Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day gifts for men including Bose 700 headphones, outdoor voices joggers, nike flyknit, leesa pillow, slip silk pillowcase, traeger pro 34 grill and more

Hey y’all. Johnny here and I’m back with a quick list of the best gifts for men this Valentine’s Day. I’ll be honest, Hoang-Kim and I don’t particularly celebrate this holiday. However, everyone’s different and she tells me she’s been getting a lot of requests. So I’m happy to give you another look into your man. I’ll admit: I either want a motorcycle (she’s not getting me that), more books, or specific stocks or cryptocurrencies because I’m “The Investor” by nature.

I’ve organized this gift guide by a few different kinds of guys so you can quickly jump around if your partner fits any of these archetypes. There’s the weekend warrior for the athletic guys, the investor, the infinite learner, the outdoorsman, the gamer, and the self-care bros. Have yourself a happy Valentine’s Day! I’m certain your thoughtfulness will make it all immensely wonderful in body, spirit, and mind. Enjoy each other and your gifts!


The Weekend Warrior

Nike Flyknit – Let’s get out there! If he’s an active person he’ll love this new pair of running shoes! Nothing makes you feel like you’re flying like a pair of fly knits. Hoang-Kim got me the original Nike Flyknit Reacts and they are still one of my favorites years later.

Best Joggers – I wear these a little more than I’d like to admit and I’ve turned a lot of my guy friends onto them. Hoang-Kim will probably cry inside a little, but I’ve thrown these into the washer and the dryer and they still come out looking new. I wear size Large for reference and I’m 5’10.

Pull up bar – the original Iron Gym. When it comes to these doorway pull-up bars, I try not to save $10-15. Just in case that means I’m going to end up either breaking my doorway or end up with my back hitting the ground. Get the top of the line. I’ve owned mine for 15 years and it’s never failed me or felt like I was going to fall. 

Foam roller – I’m not sure who needs to tell him, but this will be the provide the massages he never knew he needed. Whether it’s that tough spot in his back or really getting pressure in the right place on his quad or calf, this thing will provide! 

The Investor (Sleeper Degenerate Gambler)

Use whatever budget you would’ve spent on the gift or more and buy a share of something you think represents them or they aspire. For example, I’d buy a share of Restoration Hardware $RH for Hoang-Kim. We still aspire to have more Restoration Hardware furniture, so at least in the meantime as others are buying it, she can own something she admires. 

Worst case, you show how thoughtful you are in what the stock represents about them. Best case, you parlay those returns into something else. This is a really weird gift, but seems par for the times we’re living in. 

Also personally, I only want two things these days: books and investment assets.

Bose Headphones – If your guy loves to day trade or takes a lot of calls throughout the day and needs to get work done, these are incredible. They really block out noise and to HK’s demise, I can’t hear her when she calls for me, oops. Plus they can help him get in the zone. Hoang-Kim found these on super sale for $255 with code PERFECTVDAY15, which makes them one heck of a deal.

Laptop Stand – Working off a laptop can be horrible for your posture, even if you’re sitting at a desk. Make sure he can easily see all of his investments and not become the hunchback of Notre Dame with this laptop stand. I have it and swear by it.

The Infinite Learner

Exhalation – From the creator of The Arrival, this book is filled with short stories that will bend your mind and make you rethink everything. It’ll be like when you walked out of the theater after The Matrix. It’s sort of like reading Black Mirror episodes.

The Man Who Solved The Market – The story of how Jim Simons launched Renaissance Technologies and started the quant revolution that helped support the Medallion Fund that’s returned 66% annually for 30+ years. 

Reboot – I can’t recommend this book enough. For anyone who feels like they’re sort of stuck, this book will ask you all the tough questions and break your heart open. 

Psychology of Money – Personal finance is way more personal then finance. You’ve heard us say this before. This book helps you understand why you save or spend money the way you do. Also, if you haven’t yet, check out the first post in our finance series here.

Masterclass Subscription – for the guy who loves to try new things. Learn to bake bread, train dogs, negotiate, play poker from the top experts in the world.


Pocket Knife – Every guy needs a pocket knife they can depend on. They can be the king of deconstructing Amazon boxes, which sells me there. More importantly when they’re out and about, they have one of the essential outdoor tools. Never hurts to have more that you can trust rain or shine.

Portable Power Station And Jump Starter – It’s a lot better than a AAA membership when he can save himself from two of the most common problems while out – a dead battery or a flat tire. My Dad got me an equivalent a few years ago, and it’s been a lifesaver. 

Traeger Pro 34 Grill – Technically any guy would probably want this, but since getting our Traegar last Fall, I’ve been obsessed. I keep thinking of different things we can make and I certainly have enjoyed football a heck of a lot more with yummy food. My full review of this grill here.

The Gamer

Steam Account Gift Card – If he’s a PC gamer, this will mean so much to him. There’s a special love language spoken for significant others who support casual and serious gamers alike.

Nintendo Switch – They put out magic year after year and it’s crazy to me how consistently they make a fun console that couples can play on together. Few games can bring people together the way Mario Cart can. If you like other genres, consider Animal Crossing or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for more slow burns.


Self Care Guy

Leesa Hybrid Pillow – Nothing says self-care like great sleep. This pillow is cool on both sides. I love that it has areas for air to flow through it. Plus I can flip it to the gel side for extra cooling.

Silk Pillowcase – I’m not sure he’ll accept this, but in the privacy of your own home, it’s okay to own this and know it’s better for your hair, skin, and more. Plus, they are cool to the touch!

Best Bedsheets – A bit of an investment and worth every penny. We’ve slept on these sheets practically every night since Fall 2019 and they are incredible. They are soft, cool and even with us washing them every weekend and putting them right back on, they look new.

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