Affordable Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love


Coworkers can be hard to shop for and sometimes you’re obligated to get a lot of gifts otherwise you risk leaving someone out. So excited to share gifts your coworkers will love in this post. I’m not going to lie, I usually buy all of my coworkers and bosses the same item and it’s always a hit! You want to be the coworker who is thoughtful and kind. Relationships are a must in the workplace. I know affordable gifts are a must, so I’m excited to share everything listed is less than $50. I do recommend getting your boss and superiors a slightly nicer gift or maybe one extra item if you can. Also, don’t forget to include a handwritten card to add that personal touch.

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Monogram Mug: Hands down my favorite gift to give and one of those gifts your coworkers will love! Mine definitely did. There are about four different kinds, so you can alternate or get them all the same one! It’s a nice personal touch without being too expensive. Plus, they are forced to think of you when they drink out of them!

Tumbler: I got a few of these this year and they are a gamechanger! They keep drinks cold for nine hours and drinks hot for at least three. Johnny and I use them every single day. It comes in tons of colors and three different  I also add a straw to mine since I don’t want to stain my teeth.

Best-Smelling Candle: This scent is amazing for winter and your coworkers will love it for sure! It also comes in a mini version, too. Candles are always a great gift and everyone loves them!

Five-Minute Journal: Help boost your coworker’s happiness and productivity with this journal. It helps add perspective and show you all the things you have to be grateful for.

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