Our Home Office Reveal! How to Create a Functional & Productive Space

Welcome to our home office!! Johnny and I are over the moon to finally share this space with you. It’s been nearly 10 months in the making and while it’s still not 100 percent done, we are happy to be in it and working! We closed on our new home in May and figured out our main priorities first. We already had desks from our apartment so functionally, we could work. We wanted to take some time in the space, feel it out and see what we really needed before ordering a ton of furniture. I’m excited to collaborate with west elm to share how to create a functional and productive home office!

The Workspace

I know our home office isn’t the most beautiful or aesthetic, but for us we knew it had to function. I have dreams of a gorgeous executive desk, a grand chair and no cords, but that’s not something we can work with. We have a ton of cables and cords, things to plug in, laptop stands, Bluetooth keyboards and more.

Our L-Shaped Desks

We quickly learned in our apartment our old desks were too small so we promised ourselves we would upgrade that real estate. These Parsons L-Shaped Desks are perfect. Due to supply chain issues, we actually only had one part of the L for a couple of months and there was still plenty of room!

Our dream is to have our own separate workspaces where we could spread out in addition to a space for collaborating. We pushed our desks together to create a T shape. This allows us to do our own thing on our side and if we need to chat or discuss something, swivel over to the center and spread out. The T also allows us to easily share our screens with each other since we are side by side.

Another perk of our L-shaped desk is how they come with drawers. They are technically filing cabinets, but it’s perfect for stashing away items you need, but don’t want to clutter up your workspace.

The Best Desk Chairs

Our desk chairs are a worthy investment, especially if you work from home or find your office chair lacking. I’ve had these since 2014 and they are still in great condition. They are beyond comfortable since they are ergonomic. I never have any back pain, stiffness, tailbone pain or anything sitting in this chair. Ours is fully adjustable, which helps a lot.

The Miscellaneous Items

We both rely on laptop stands, Bluetooth keyboards, trackpads and more. Don’t underestimate how much bad posture and a setup that isn’t ergonomic can affect your productivity. Of course, we still wanted a place to display items so these brass shelves hold momentos.

The Details

Creating a home office you want to spend time in is about more than just the desk and the chair. I wanted it to feel beautiful and a little bit cozy. You can make a home office aesthetic while keeping it functional.

The Area Rug

I incorporated this geometric area rug and it’s so soft and plush. It does shed quite a bit, but it’s so comfy underfoot we don’t mind. It’s more beige than it looks online but it warms up our space beautifully.

The Statement Wall
A couple of months ago we painted two walls Tricorn Black. By the way, a word of advice, don’t paint a room black at night. About halfway through, we felt a ton of regret. It looked so dark. But we had already done half of the two walls. I told Johnny we can’t quit now so we finished and said we’d see how we feel in the morning. At the end of the day, literally, it’s just paint and can be easily fixed. The next morning, the sun came through our massive window and we fell in love! I knew my instinct was right!
To bring some zhush to our statement wall we added ladder bookshelves. Yes, we color code our books because we’ve found we tend to remember the color of the jacket before we remember the author or the title. We both love to read and have a ton of books. Not only is it a beautiful way to display our collection, but makes it easy for us to find exactly what we’re looking for. While I wish these bookshelves were a little taller, there is enough room for our collection. Ours are currently sold out, here is a similar one.
To finish off the wall, we hung a Samsung Frame TV with a light wood bezel and it’s perfect! I love how we can change the art to change the mood and it’s a great backdrop for all of our zoom calls!

We actually had NEAT Method Highland Park come in and organize our office closet and zhush up the office to get it extremely functional. I’ll go into more detail about that in another blog post soon! We custom-built and installed our elfa closet so I want to be able to get into all the details with y’all!


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