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rsTheCon 2018 Takeaways & a Little Red Romper

A few weeks ago, you may recall a stream of photos from me and some of your favorite bloggers in Dallas using the hashtag #rsTheCon. rewardStyle is a monetization platform I use, along with thousands of other bloggers, every single day on Color & Chic and my Instagram. Many of you are familiar with LiketoKnow.It, which is how you shop my Instagram. However, LTK is a tool developed by rewardStyle, which gives me and other digital bloggers the ability to earn money through my blog and social media channels.  The story of the two entrepreneurs who started rewardStyle in 2011 is a great one. Amber Venz-Box, who ran a blog, would hear from her readers they were purchasing the clothes she was wearing. But she wasn’t able to earn any money off the hard work she put in. That’s not exactly a good business model. That’s how rewardStyle was born.

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