Kiehl’s Retinol Comparison & Other Favorites!

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You all know what a fan I am of Kiehl’s Micro-Dose Anti-Aging Retinol Serum. I’ve been using it for the past year, and now I’m testing the new Kiehl’s Fast Release Wrinkle-Reducing Night Serum. There are so many benefits to retinol such as minimized pores, firm skin and smooth texture. It’s such a powerful product you really need to find the right one for you and your skin. I trust the Kiehl’s brand because they really dedicated the time to getting the micro-dose just right before moving onto a producing a more potent serum.

The micro-dose formula, which I started using when I turned 30, is fantastic for beginners. Because it’s a smaller amount of retinol, there’s less of an adjustment period involving redness, dryness and peeling. You can also choose whether to use it every day in the morning or at night.

kiehl's retinol review and comparison by blogger hoang-kim cung including the kiehl's micro-dose retinol serum and kiehl's night retinol serum

The new night serum, on the other hand, is meant to be a powerful dose before you go to bed. You can use it every day if your skin has the tolerance, but I highly recommend building up to it first. Even though I’ve been using the micro-dose daily for a year now, I’m still starting with every other day for the new Kiehl’s retinol.

My obsession doesn’t end with Kiehl’s retinol! Having a great moisturizer is always crucial, and even more so when you’re using retinol. As someone who has naturally dry skin, I’ve been incredibly impressed by the Ultra Facial Cream’s hydrating abilities, as well as the fact that the jar is refillable. The Avocado Eye Cream is also very moisturizing, both for morning and night. It doesn’t feel too thick and a little goes a very long way! What I love about the Midnight Recovery Concentrate it helps your skin recover overnight through, like a gentle combination of moisturizer and retinol. Finally, the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque does an incredible job of purifying and detoxifying your skin while also soothing it. Read more of my skincare reviews here!

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