Fall Decor with Gold Spray-Painted Pumpkins

anthropologie,mug,gold,spray,paint,pumpkins,pumpkin,white,orange,fall,decor,home,autumn,decorating,decorations,style,interior,design,west,elm,lacquer,storage,coffee,table,initial,voluspa,candle,gold,pine,cones,I love getting my home fall ready. Seeing pumpkins, leaves and rich hues always makes me feel cozy. This is so important to me now since I’m so far from family. I was able to pick a few pumpkins at the patch and did some DIY with gold spray paint.
anthropologie,mug,gold,spray,paint,pumpkins,pumpkin,white,orange,fall,decor,home,autumn,decorating,decorations,style,interior,design,west,elm,lacquer,storage,coffee,table,initial,voluspa,candle,gold,pine,cones,When you enter my apartment, the first thing you see is a huge bar/island. I decided this was a great place to put the majority of my freshly decorated pumpkins since it really sets a warm tone when you walk in. When decorating your pumpkins, take your time and use plenty of painter’s tape to get your lines as clean as possible. And remember, sometimes less is more.
anthropologie,mug,gold,spray,paint,pumpkins,pumpkin,white,orange,fall,decor,home,autumn,decorating,decorations,style,interior,design,west,elm,lacquer,storage,coffee,table,initial,voluspa,candle,gold,pine,cones, anthropologie,mug,gold,spray,paint,pumpkins,pumpkin,white,orange,fall,decor,home,autumn,decorating,decorations,style,interior,design,west,elm,lacquer,storage,coffee,table,initial,voluspa,candle,gold,pine,cones,I temporarily moved my silk peonies and swapped it out for this rich orange and green pumpkin. I fell in love with the variety of colors and patterns in this pumpkin and decided to only spray paint the stem gold for that extra touch. I picked up these gold pine cones from a craft store for only $2! They came in a bunch of sizes so I had fun playing around with what looks good. Don’t be afraid to move other pieces of decor in your place to get a new look. Sometimes it’ll surprise you how moving one or two things can really make a difference!
anthropologie,mug,gold,spray,paint,pumpkins,pumpkin,white,orange,fall,decor,home,autumn,decorating,decorations,style,interior,design,west,elm,lacquer,storage,coffee,table,initial,voluspa,candle,gold,pine,cones,I hope you were able to find some inspiration in this post!
Have fun getting some autumn air into your home!

Voluspa candle
Anthropologie mug
West Elm coffee table