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Valentine’s Day Date and Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for the man in your life can be quite difficult. Every man is different with different tastes and preferences. Johnny isn’t too picky, but I enlisted his help. In this post, we are sharing some Valentine’s Day date and gift ideas to help you (and him) plan your perfect day for this holiday. It doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember, this holiday is about expressing your love to another person. A gift doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. A thoughtful, meaningful gift or experience could mean the world to your significant other. 

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Diamond Shapes 101 :: Carats & Coffee with

I’m sure it’s no surprise Johnny and I love coffee. Nowadays when Johnny and I are together, we love setting up shop in a cafe sipping on coffee and getting work done. When we first met, we loved exploring coffee shops in Dallas. Then Austin when we went to the University of Texas. That love for coffee continues now when we travel, whether it’s to faraway places including Seoul or a few hours away such as Washington, D.C. I feel as if a cup of coffee is such a great bonding experience. It sets up the mood for whatever you’d like to talk about, good or bad. In this case, we’d like to talk to you about something good and sparkly: carats!

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Our Formula of Love & Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

Even though we are a while away from getting engaged, we think about it frequently. The idea of designing your own engagement ring is becoming more popular. I certainly want Johnny to have a hand in how my engagement ring looks! If you are soon-to-be engaged, I’m sure you are looking at rings and learning about your style and taste. James Allen is a go-to retailer for designing your own engagement ring. In fact, years ago when a friend of mine wanted a tension ring for his wife, I recommended James Allen! You want your engagement ring to be perfect for you. All of us are different, which means our engagement ring should reflect that…

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