Textured Knit :: Make a Work Dress Casual

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Maggy London dress c/o, Chanel espadrilles (similar), Chloe satchel,
Kendra Scott earrings c/o Olive + Piper cuff c/o

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
Some days I look at my closet and see an overwhelming amount of clothes for work and not enough for weekend or play. While the stunning dresses do make me happy, I love having pieces I could never wear to work ha! As a TV Journalist, I try not to wear the same clothes for at least two weeks. I prefer dresses over mixing blouses and skirts, which means I have a large collection. If you open my closet, you’ll see a long row of dresses. However, when you’re just starting out in the professional world, it’s important to buy clothes with versatility, which I constantly preach. But how do you style those items down? I wanted to share how I make a work dress casual.

I recently added this texture knit Maggy London dress to my wardrobe. It’s a great piece for work and very flattering on. I love the conservative cut and unique print. After work or the weekends, how I make a work dress casual is to first swap out footwear. You can throw on fun flats or something I love to do is put on classic espadrilles. This makes the outfit fun and casual, yet still keeps it chic. Another great option is a great pair of sneakers, which are so hot right now. I just ordered these rose gold sneakers and I cannot wait for them to arrive!

Next up to make a work dress casual is to change your bag. I practically bring my Chloe bag everywhere, but this dress would look so chic with a leather backpack. This is an easy way to make a work dress casual in a sporty way. Plus, a backpack will most likely hold way more things than your handbag so you can have more fun ūüôā