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Evergreen Style :: Saltwater Duck Boots for Cold Weater

Hello Everyone! I cannot believe in Coastal Virginia we have a 60 percent chance of snow today! I love being able to get a little white magic every winter but am thankful heavy blizzards are mostly behind me. I remember being in Nebraska in what felt like -25 and plenty of snow. There is nothing I hate more than cold wet feet. I feel like it’s the fastest way to be cold all over and is an instant mood dampener. Over the years, I’ve worn numerous boots. However, these Sperry saltwater duck boots are some of my favorites. These are adaptable, so no matter where you go from rugged landscapes to snow mountains you will stay comfortable. One of my favorite aspects of these saltwater duck boots is the rubber sole, which provides traction on wet or dry surfaces. Trust me, there slipping and falling isn’t fun.

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Holiday Glam :: Sequin Dress & Skirt for Parties

I’m breaking out all the sequins and feeling the festive holiday spirit. Lidl is sponsoring today’s post featuring Esmara by Heidi Klum’s holiday collection. What I love about these pieces is how affordable they are since they are all less than $20! This makes it easy to get different looks for holiday events without breaking the bank. There are a couple different sequin dresses in the collection, but this one is my favorite. It’s truly a stunner featuring black, navy and silver sequins. You’re sure to stand out in the crowd wearing this sequin dress. Of course, this sequin dress is lined and comfortable to wear. I appreciate the 3/4 length sleeves for extra warmth, which is key during winter! I’m throwing this faux fur stole over for extra glam. Plus, it’s adjustable and also comes in light pink…

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