Dressy Casual :: Lace-Up Floral Top & Purple Shorts

Hello Everyone! Florals are paisley are my weakness, especially during the spring and summer months. That’s where this lace-up floral top comes into play. Sometimes, I actually prefer long sleeves in the summer. They keep the sun off my skin and keep me warm when I’m inside frosty buildings. However, the sleeves have to be sheer, which these are. This top is definitely versatile and can be something you wear both on the weekends and in the office.While this particular lace-up floral top will not work in my work environment, it’ll work for others. Here, I’m styling it casually and using one of my favorite methods of mixing and matching. I like to pull a color out of the print of the top and use that for my bottoms, as you may know.  Read more…

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Summer Staple :: Garden Print Top & Seersucker Shorts

Happy Wednesday Y’all! One of my favorite looks for summer is a mixing beautiful blouses with shorts. It’s effortless, chic and above all allows freedom of movement. As much as I adore skirts and dresses, I do feel hindered by them when doing outdoor activities during the warmer months. I last paired this garden floral […] Read more…

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Living Room Styling

Happy Tuesday Everyone! I am so excited about today’s post as it’s the first post in the new lifestyle section of Color & Chic. As most of you know, I recently moved and I am taking advantage of it and showing you how I style my new apartment into a home. I don’t have tons […] Read more…

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Winter’s Return :: Green Flannel & Hints of Red

Happy Monday, Everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I know this Monday is probably a lot harder than most – turning the clock an hour forward is usually a tough transition. Winter weather came back over the weekend so I busted out my flannel and boots once more. Thank you so much for […] Read more…

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