Diamond Shapes 101 :: Carats & Coffee with JamesAllen.com

I’m sure it’s no surprise Johnny and I love coffee. Nowadays when Johnny and I are together, we love setting up shop in a cafe sipping on coffee and getting work done. When we first met, we loved exploring coffee shops in Dallas. Then Austin when we went to the University of Texas. That love for coffee continues now when we travel, whether it’s to faraway places including Seoul or a few hours away such as Washington, D.C. I feel as if a cup of coffee is such a great bonding experience. It sets up the mood for whatever you’d like to talk about, good or bad. In this case, we’d like to talk to you about something good and sparkly: carats! Read more…

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Polka Dots :: Work Dress + Bag

Happy Hump Day, Everyone! Today I am mixing up some of my favorite work staples: a structured, but colorful dress, patterned button-down blouse, comfortable heels and a large work purse. A great thing about sleeveless work dresses is being able to repurpose them again in the colder months by layering them over sweaters or blouses, […] Read more…

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