Reviving My Skin :: Kate Sommerville Blemish Banisher Kit Review

Hello, Everyone!
As you know, I recently returned from my summer in New York City. While I adored the culture and charm New York City had to offer, not to mention its fast pace and go-getter attitude, the pollution wrecked havoc on my skin. Upon my return, I immediately picked up the Kate Sommerville Blemish Banisher Kit from Sephora, I had seen so many reviews rave about. After just one night, I couldn’t believe the results! I had to photograph the products and write this review for all of you.

First off, I wanted to start with a little background on my skin. I have normal to dry skin and I’m very fortunate in that I received great skin genes from both of my parents and have never truly broken out. On my third or fourth day in New York, I saw a pimple emerge, but I decided one or two pimples was normal. However, as the days turned into weeks, I could see more and more pimples popping up on my skin and all I could do was try and cover them up with the makeup skills I had acquired.

I eagerly awaited my return home, where I could commute to places in my own car and not have to walk or take the subway, exposing myself to an abundance of second-hand smoke, fumes, and everything else in the air. I knew even if I tried to combat the acne that I was now getting as a 21-year-old, the pollution in the air would continue to clog my pores, so I felt it was best to await my return to Texas to start any treatments.

Onto My Review:

The Kit comes with four products: A Daily Detox Cleanser, an exfoliater for acne prone skin, a sulfur acne spot treatment and an oil-free moisturizer. Last night was my first time using the kit and I can already see drastic improvement! I used the cleanser with my Mom’s Clarisonic Mia and applied the sulfur spot treatment with a q-tip to all my pimples and bumps. I woke up this morning and more than half of the blemishes disappeared! Just poof! Gone. I can’t believe it.

I washed away the remainder of the treatment with the cleanser and the Clarisonic and applied the moisturizer on my face. This moisturizer is so lightweight, but hydrating all at once. I applied a pea-size dot to my whole face and it instantly absorbed into my skin. I don’t feel greasy and the moisturizer certainly didn’t feel heavy sitting on my skin.

My overall impression of these products is they are a dream. I have never seen something work this well on my skin, including prescription strength products. I highly, highly recommend this for anyone combatting really oily skin or breakouts. It’s worked wonders for me in just one night. I cannot wait to try the ExfoliKate for acne-prone skin tonight and see how it differs from the original. I hope you give Kate Sommerville a try! Her products are on the pricier side, but they are so worth it.