Morning Flow in a Black Bodysuit

Strappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuit Strappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuit
Alala Black Bodysuit c/o

Hello everyone! While I am definitely no yoga expert, I do enjoy a nice flow in the mornings. Thanks to my new mattress, I’m waking up without any type of lower back of tailbone pain. However, a few times a week, usually on days I do not workout, I like to do a nice energizing flow. When I want to get really fancy, I do it at the beach. I’m a year and a month into living in Coastal Virginia, so discovering new places is like an adventure. On a cloudy morning, Johnny and I stumbled upon this quaint location a few streets before the entrance to Fort Story. We also learned we cannot visit Fort Story without our military friends, even though there is a public historic landmark on the beach!

Comparing this beach to the more touristy Oceanfront, I immediately like the more tranquil feel. It is the perfect place to do a little yoga before starting the day. I love this strappy black bodysuit for yoga and working out. Some days my brain is exhausted, so even putting together a decent workout outfit is a little too much. That’s where this black bodysuit comes in. It’s one piece, easy to put on and so so comfortable. A hook strap in the top left lets you easily get in and out. Something I love about this bodysuit is not having to readjust or tug at anything. I never realized how often I pull down a top or shorts when doing various exercises until I didn’t need to do it anymore.

Another aspect I love is the fun strappy back. Plus, this black bodysuit has some mesh detailing on the legs, which is popular in the activewear and athleisure department right now. Once you are done working out, just throw on a cute top and you are set to go anywhere.

It’s Coming Up Flowers :: Floral Dress with Pockets

Keepsake the Label Floral Do It Right Mini DressKeepsake the Label Floral Do It Right Mini DressKeepsake the Label Floral Do It Right Mini DressFloral dress with pockets perfect for spring Open back floral dress with pink peonies
Floral dress with pockets perfect for springFloral dress with pockets perfect for springPink Floral Dress with Pockets (also in solid white), Minimalist Sandals (similar)
Blue Crossbody, Tortoise Shell Sunglasses, Rose Gold Earrings c/o, Pearl Cuff Bracelet c/o

Hello Loves! Of course, I’m very partial to florals and dresses with pockets. When I spotted this dress instantly loved it! It’s the perfect floral dress with pockets. Hence why it’s selling out so fast. I’ll link a variety of retailers where it’s still available below. I really like how this floral print has darker, richer hues, instead of the usual bright colors. This dress has a high neckline, which I love. Plus, the skater silhouette is so flirty! While this dress is more conservative in the front, the back is definitely party central since it’s low open back. I’m really loving items with fun back details, so this is perfect. The straps on this dress are adjustable, which only adjusts the back of the dress and not the front too, so that’s a nice detail. Plus, this dress also comes in solid white, perfect for brides.

Since this dress is such a statement, I’m keeping my accessories relatively simple. I love this fun little crossbody bag. It’s perfect for carrying essentials including my iPhone 7 (a 7 Plus will not fit), liquid lipstick and card carrier. While I purchased these minimalist sandals three years ago, they continue to be a staple in my wardrobe. They are the perfect shade of nude, many colors are available, plus go with almost everything. whenever I am in doubt about what shoes to wear, I almost always reach for these!

Dusty Blue Lace :: Overlay Lace Romper

Dusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romperDusty blue lace overlay romper for beach photos Dusty blue lace overlay romper for beach photos
Dusty Blue Overlay Lace Romper c/o (also in yellow + white, romper version also in blush)
Gold Necklace c/o | On Him: Chambray Shirt, Striped Shorts (similar)

While my style is very classic and feminine, I do love trying new trends. One trend I am really loving is the overlay romper. You may remember a bold striped one I wore previously. This dusty blue overlay lace romper has the same silhouette but is so whimsy and feminine. One aspect I really like about this it is how you can dress it up or down. In the same weekend, I wore this overlay lace romper to brunch with a straw hat. Then later to a night out with Johnny and friends at the new rooftop beer garden in downtown Norfolk. It’s definitely a very versatile piece and the dusty blue is a beautiful color.

Fitwise, I didn’t have any problems. Here, I am wearing a size small. I’m pretty brazen and actually didn’t even tape down the plunging neckline since I have a very small chest. However, ladies who are more well-endowed will want to use fashion tape to secure in place. Lengthwise, this dress was a dash long for me. I’m 5’3 even with 5-inch heels there were about two inches on the floor. I actually used some fashion tape to do a quick hem job. If you are petite and love this dress, I recommend taking it to a tailor and have them alter it from the waistline. This means they will cut the fabric from the top instead of the bottom, which has a beautiful scallop hem.

This overlay lace romper is also available in yellow and white, which would be perfect for brides! Plus, there is a romper version without the long skirt available in both this dusty blue and blush.

Photography by: Sarah Dambra

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