Chanel Foundation Review

I have never been a big fan of using foundation everyday. I would wear moisturizer, sunscreen and BB cream at most if I wanted some type of coverage. Foundation was only something I used when I was onstage, making appearances, or at a special event. Foundation had always felt heavy on my skin and in […] Read more…

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Study tips for surviving finals!

With finals in full swing here at UT, I thought I would share some of my study tips! TIP 1:¬†TAKE OUT YOUR CONTACTS & PUT ON YOUR GLASSES Contacts prevent oxygen from getting into your eye, which puts causes strain. Chances are, your glasses also have anti-glare built in and will protect your eyes from […] Read more…

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Things are changing here on MyGoldenAge! First of all, MyGoldenAge is NOW HKGoldenAge!!! I have been working really hard and starting my own YouTube channel just like many of my followers have been saying I should. It will launch either this weekend or early next week and I will post the link here!¬† Also, now […] Read more…

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