Strappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuit Strappy black bodysuitStrappy black bodysuit
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Hello everyone! While I am definitely no yoga expert, I do enjoy a nice flow in the mornings. Thanks to my new mattress, I’m waking up without any type of lower back of tailbone pain. However, a few times a week, usually on days I do not workout, I like to do a nice energizing flow. When I want to get really fancy, I do it at the beach. I’m a year and a month into living in Coastal Virginia, so discovering new places is like an adventure. On a cloudy morning, Johnny and I stumbled upon this quaint location a few streets before the entrance to Fort Story. We also learned we cannot visit Fort Story without our military friends, even though there is a public historic landmark on the beach!

Comparing this beach to the more touristy Oceanfront, I immediately like the more tranquil feel. It is the perfect place to do a little yoga before starting the day. I love this strappy black bodysuit for yoga and working out. Some days my brain is exhausted, so even putting together a decent workout outfit is a little too much. That’s where this black bodysuit comes in. It’s one piece, easy to put on and so so comfortable. A hook strap in the top left lets you easily get in and out. Something I love about this bodysuit is not having to readjust or tug at anything. I never realized how often I pull down a top or shorts when doing various exercises until I didn’t need to do it anymore.

Another aspect I love is the fun strappy back. Plus, this black bodysuit has some mesh detailing on the legs, which is popular in the activewear and athleisure department right now. Once you are done working out, just throw on a cute top and you are set to go anywhere.