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Practical Gifts to Give for him & her feat. Mark & Graham

I’m a big believer in giving gifts people will use. After all, you’re spending your hard-earned money so you don’t want it to go to waste! I’m partnering with Mark & Graham to share practical gifts for him and her.  One reason I love Mark & Graham is you can personalize every gift. Adding a monogram is the extra touch and can make a gift truly unique and memorable. Plus, you can shop for anyone there, whether it’s a significant other, parent, best friend or coworker.  My photographer who took these photos is actually looking at items to gift her bridesmaids from Mark & Graham.  I’m breaking this post into gifts for him and gifts for her. If you’re an early shopper, grab some coffee or warm tea and settle in! I’ve got plenty of great gift ideas for you! Plus, Mark & Graham wrap all gifts in their signature gift wrap, so you don’t even have to do anything. Once they arrive, tuck them under the tree and you are all set.

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My Fall Beauty Products :: Up to 20% off at Sephora

When Fall rolls around, I tend to switch up my beauty routine just a dash. I add in some darker colors, bring in heavier moisturizers… all to keep up with the colder temperatures, chilling winds and of course, festive holiday spirit. In this post, I’m sharing my fall beauty products from skincare to makeup to hair. Sephora is having their annual beauty insider sale, where you can get up to 20 percent off all items at Sephora! If you’ve been a Color & Chic reader for a while, you know I exclusively use these sales to stock up on makeup for the year. This way I get all the items I need, 20 percent off and I’m set until the next sale.

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Figure Skating with Outdoor Voices

Right boot on, then left boot on. Lace up the right skate, then lace up the left. On a crisp fall morning, come with me to Chilled Ponds, a local ice rink where I’m rediscovering my love for figure skating as a 27-year-old grandma (in figure skating terms, ha!)

I spent 11 years of my life figure skating. I pursued it competitively for most of those 11 years and as all good things, it came to an end. Injuries and just not being good enough to continue pursuing it pushed me to work hard toward my other dreams. I’m nowhere near as good as I used to be but figure skating in Outdoor Voices has inspired me to try some of my old tricks – even if it’s awkward, slow or ends in my butt on the ice.

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How to Wear A Short Suit & Rock It

As a working woman, I love an outfit that makes me feel powerful. This teal short suit is no exception. I’ll be the first to admit, I know this is not something that can be worn in every office or workplace. However, if you work in a space where something like this could work, I could not recommend it more. It’s a refreshing, unique twist on a classic look. Plus, since it’s different from a traditional suit, you’re sure to get plenty of compliments.

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Money Talks :: Why I SoFi to Plan for My Future

Money talks. As the daughter of political refugees who were looking to start over in America, I grew up understanding financial stability is key. It’s very important to living a happy life. Take note, I didn’t say rich. I said financial stability. This can be different for a lot of people. On a recent podcast, Stewart Butterfield, the founder of Slack, broke down wealth into three things and I would have agree with his logic.

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