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Ultra Feminine :: Kimono + Lemon Lace

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On Her: Anthropologie kimono + top, Express shorts, Ivanka Trump heels
Thierry Lasry sunglasses, camel crossbody
On Him: J.Crew polo, Nudie jeans, Cole Haan oxfords, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
I have a very feminine sense of style and I love finding clothes that are delicate with beautiful detailing. I’m restyling a couple favorites in this elevated casual look. This kimono from Anthropologie is a summer favorite. It was previously seen here as a swimsuit coverup on the beach. I can get cold indoors during summertime, especially since a lot of buildings crank up the air conditioning. A light kimono keeps the chill off my arms and shoulders without being too hot or bulky. It would also look stunning over a mint colored dress for fancier settings. Another item restyled in this look is the lemon lace top previously styled with espadrilles. I’ve been reaching for it a lot when I am headed somewhere casual but want to have a chic look.

I got Johnny this anchor-print polo on a whim, skeptical it would fit over his broad shoulders and chest. However, it is without a doubt one of the most flattering clothing items he owns today! He’s wearing his usual medium and it fits his shoulders beautifully without having too much room in the waist. We don’t live in the same city, but when we FaceTime, I see him wearing it almost once a week. He says it’s not too thick of a fabric for Texas humidity, which is great. Sizes seem to be going fast on J.Crew, so be sure to snatch one up if you’re interested. I’m keeping Wallace & Barnes for J.Crew in mind when shopping for Johnny now that I know these polos fit him so well.

Basics :: T-Shirt + Jeans for Him and Her

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J.Crew tee, Rag + Bone jeans, Stuart Weitzman sandals, Rebecca Minkoff satchel
Ray-Ban sunnies, Kendra Scott earrings + bracelet
On Him: J.Crew tee, Hudson jeans, Nike sneakers, Ray-Ban sunnies

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
I wanted to talk about the basics today. Sometimes, we can underestimate how great a pair of jeans and a t-shirt can look. These pairings can be failproof for when you “don’t have anything to wear” and need to get out the door ASAP! This works for the boys too, since on weekends, Johnny loves to switch out his button-downs for t-shirts.

— T-Shirt — I’ve been adding more t-shirts into my wardrobe lately. I love the slightly oversized, but still slim fit of this one from J.Crew. The pocket adds a nice touch and the fabric is uber soft. It comes in 17 different colors and various colors go on sale. For the boys, Johnny has multiple colors of this broken-in pocket tee, also from J.Crew. Both of these wash very well and still come out nice and soft. I think as far as basics go, everyone should have at least one workhorse t-shirt they can rely on!
— Jeans — Some of you may remember me snagging these rag + bone jeans last year when Nordstrom price-matched them. I’ve been loving them ever since. If you’re looking for basic jeans, I love these deep blue ones, which can be dressed up for fancier occasions. These white distressed jeans are still a recent addition to my wardrobe and would look great with colored t-shirts! For the boys, Johnny has been wearing these Hudson jeans, but we’ve been running into issues with jeans for him lately. His legs are very athletic, so jeans have been ripping in very embarrassing places -_-
— Shoes– To elevate the basics, I like to wear my nudist sandals, but you can’t go wrong with nude heels either! I also wear these studded flats on repeat when I’m at work, but don’t want to wear heels. If you want a more casual look, I like the Nike Air Max Thea‘s in a light gray or classic Converse. Johnny has been adding more shoes to his collection. He’s been sporting the Internationalist a lot, but I have my eye on adding these too.

Thanks so much for reading!
Photography by: Mae Small

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