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Lipstick Guide

I came across this beautiful image while browsing through Tumblr. I find it extremely useful and this is extremely similar to the guide I have in my head when applying lipstick. The only one I don’t highly agree with is “important meeting” it appears rather dark to me. But please enjoy!

Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer

I adore makeup, but there are a lot of things I’m not passionate about including a full face of foundation, concealer, and heavy contouring when I’m not on stage. However, when I heard TheSublimeAgent on YouTube RAVE about this concealer, I had to get it. He said this concealer is truly imperceptible after you blend it in.

At first, this concealer can be really thick, which is fantastic for covering up dark circles or blemishes. However, it can also cake up and sometimes falls into the fine lines on the face. I found an easy solution to avoid caking and making the concealer look extremely natural: Using extra moisturizer/cream under the eyes before putting the concealer on. This way, the concealer mixes with the cream and smooths out to an airbrushed look.

I haven’t had much sleep lately and this concealer definitely covers my dark circles and makes my face appear brighter, more awake, and lively.

Chanel Spring 2012

I got some items from the Chanel Spring 2012 Collection a long while ago, but I waited to review them because I wanted to ensure I had given them enough use. I started off only getting the Natural Finish Pressed Powder and the Rouge Coco Shine, but eventually went back for the Nail color in 539 June.

Natural Finish Pressed Powder in Jasmin

My first impression of this powder was to use it as a highlighter. The tiny glitter particles and shimmer in the powder made me want to do nothing else with this pressed powder. However, after countless attempts to use it as a powder on my semi-tanned skin, I gave up and abandoned the product for good.

Until, I went home for a weekend and forgot to pack a finish powder and had this in my bag. I have completely fallen in love with using this powder to top off my foundation and concealer when going for that full coverage look. Not only is the powder sheer, but it provides that subtle glow I only seem to get with Guerlain’s Meteorites balls. I have only used this as a setting powder since I discovered this trick a couple weeks ago. I apply it on top of any foundation, Chanel, Maybelline or Neutrogena, with an elf powder brush. It holds my foundation in place all day. Even now as I’m writing this at 12:35 am it has held up from the start of my day at 15 hours earlier.

If you’re looking for a finishing powder, I highly suggest giving this one a shot. Don’t be frightened by the glitter, it only adds glow.

Rouge CoCo Shine in 69 Flirt

We all know I adore the Rouge CoCo Shine formula. It has the perfect amount of sheer color, doesn’t make my lips peel, and stays put for a good couple hours. Therefore it was quite natural I would purchase the color 69 Flirt when I saw it on the Nordstrom counter. I was originally scared to use this color. Not only was it a pretty vibrant pink color when I opened the package at home (it looked more coral under Nordstrom’s warm lighting) but it seemed pretty opaque. Fair warning: It does look coral in the tube, but on my lips it reads more pink. I waited until I was a good amount through my Crest Whitestrips to attempt to wear this color and I was surprisingly impressed. Not only did the color complement my skin tone, but it added an unusual brightness! I recommend this color if your teeth are fairly white. I think it’s one of those shades that highlights the yellow undertones in teeth. But if you have pearly whites, I’d grab one before they’re gone!

Le Vernis Nail Color in 539 June

I love this color. There’s not much too it. I regret that I do not have a high quality photo of this nail color, but it is PERFECT for Spring. It does take three or more coats, which can be quite annoying. However, the color is well worth the wait. I thought the pinkish orange color would look too weird against my yellow Asian skin, but it does not! Here is an Instagram photo of my nails after I painted them. If you’d like to see them in a more natural light, please refer to my Meetings in Red outfit here:

Thank you so much for reading!

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