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Sephora VIB Sale :: Beauty Must-Haves at 20% off

Hello Everyone!
The best beauty sale of the year is here! The Sephora VIB Sale is when I buy as many of my beauty items. Everything at Sephora is 20% off, so this is the time to stock up or buy gifts for friends and family! This sale lasts until November 14, so act quickly! Items do tend to sell out during the Sephora VIB sale, especially cult classics. As a former Miss USA contestant and a current TV Journalist, I know quite a bit about makeup. I’ll show you my must-have items for face, eyes, cheeks and lips so you can achieve your perfect look – whether that’s with more or less makeup. Happy shopping y’all!


Giorgio Armani foundation :: this goes on like silk, lasts all day (hello 12 hour news days) and looks beautiful. I wear shade 5.75 and it matches my yellow undertones perfectly. This is a medium to full coverage foundation. I always set every foundation with powder.
tarte foundation :: a great foundation more reasonably priced. This is full coverage. My friend Austin applied it on me for the Taylor Swift concert. He did my makeup at 9:00am when the concert was over at midnight, I still looked flawless. I use natural beige & sand.
NARS concealer :: hands down my favorite concealer. This has fantastic reflective qualities, so it works beautifully under the eyes. I use the shade custard.
Urban Decay concealer :: another great concealer. Note – this one runs dark, so I use the lightest shade possible.
Dermablend powder :: this is the only powder I use to set my face! It doesn’t flash back white, it works great for baking and sets the skin beautifully. Buy the translucent one!
Laura Mercier secret powder :: I use this anywhere I put concealer and it does an incredible job at brightening and adding a glow to your face


Viseart palette :: this palette is expensive, but if you buy 01 Neutral Matte, you’ll never have to buy another eyeshadow again. This has all the warm and some cool tones you’ll need for everyday, special occasions and more.
Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade :: my favorite product to fill in my brows. I’ve had this for years and I still have at least half. You only need the smallest amount. I use medium brown.
Bobbi Brown liner :: I am a big gel liner fan. I love how it applies, wears and lasts. This is a great one that’s waterproof as well. I suggest dipping in from the side and not the center to avoid the product from drying out quicker.
Naked Basics palette :: This is a great palette if you just need a couple colors. I love sticking to mattes because they look sophisticated, blend beautifully and wear well.
MUFE Pencil liner :: I always use a pencil when I’m lining my lower lashes and this one lasts the best I’ve found. I use the matte dark brown and blend it out with shadow.


Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit
:: if you don’t already own this kit, you need it! This is my go-to for contouring my cheeks and highlighting. If I’m traveling for a trip, I always pack this. I use the light to medium palette, which is mostly matte. I use the bottom middle for contouring my nose, the others (depending on how tan I am) for cheeks or bronzing. The banana color is incredible under the eyes too!
Becca highlighter :: I used to only wear this when I wasn’t at work for fear the highlighter would be too much on TV. Then one day I tried it and now I use this every single day if I’m wearing makeup. This is the most beautiful highlighter I’ve ever used hands down.
NARS blush :: I absolutely love blush and NARS makes some of my favorites. Amour is a beautiful peachy pink that’s perfect for any occasion.
Giorgio Armani blush :: A beautiful splurge item, this blush is gorgeous. The littlest goes a long way. I barely tap my blush brush in and I have enough for one side. I use shade 306.
I’m also listing some other favorites, so be sure to click through up above!


Next up are lips and I will warn you: I have a huge obsession with anything lip related. I have more lipsticks, lip liners, lipglosses than anyone should ever really have. The perks of being on TV five days a week is getting to wear a ton of different shades. Then on the weekends, I like to try bolder colors. Without a doubt, these are my favorite lip products and since these designers never go on sale, the Sephora VIB sale is the time to buy them since they’re 20% off!
Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick :: Liquid lipsticks have been my go-to lately. I apply around 3 pm right after I get into work and at 11 pm when I’m live, the color is still there. Even after I’ve eaten my dinner, drank two bottles of water and eaten a cookie. I recommend lining your lips first, then using a good lip balm, then applying this on top. The colors I use include dolce, dusty rose, pure hollywood, and the newly released Allison.
Stila liquid lipstick :: Another great liquid lipstick with a variety of colors. Out of all the shades stila makes, I would have to say Patina is my favorite.
YSL Rouge Pur lipstick :: If liquid lipsticks aren’t your thing, I highly recommend you try the YSL lipstick. This has a matte or satin finish depending on the shade, yet feels very moisturizing on the lips. I love 10 Beige Tribute.
NARS lipgloss :: I have a lot of lipglosses, but the formula on NARS is significantly my favorite. It’s not sticky and glides on very smoothly. I also love how the color is opaque, but not overpowering. I use Turkish Delight, which is a universal shade.


Kate Sommerville exfoliator
:: Known as Hollywood’s 2-minute facial, this scrub does wonders. You can really feel it tingling on your skin and doing its job. I’ve been using this for years and it really does wonders. Not to mention, immediately after using it, you can see and feel a difference in your skin. It’s brighter and feels fresh, but not dry.
Sunday Riley oil :: A blue oil that magically transforms your skin while you’re sleeping. This oil is great for all skin types. It helps fight the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores for visibly clearer, younger-looking skin. I’ve noticed my skin is plumper and more rejuvenated in the morning when I apply this before bed.
Embryolisse moisturizer :: Makeup needs a good base and this is the perfect moisturizer for under makeup. It’s super moisturizing but isn’t greasy. It does an incredible job of really smoothing out the skin and prepping it for makeup.
GlamGlow mask :: Mud masks are known for exfoliating, moisturizing and fighting blemishes. I love doing a mask about once a week and this one really leaves your skin feeling clean.
Philosophy cleanser :: My absolute go-to cleanser for years. I use this twice a day to cleanse my skin and it never leaves my skin feeling tight. Plus, it’s gentle enough for use around the eyes without any stinging.


T3 Blowdryer :: I don’t blowdry my hair often, but when I do, I take great caution with my hair. I already use a curling iron at least once a day, so I don’t like to use too much heat. This blowdryer quickly dries hair, but leaves it healthy and shiny. Plus, this blowdryer is incredibly lightweight so your wrists won’t get tired.
Drybar shampoo :: They say things are bigger in Texas and being born and raised there, I’d have to agree. I love this shampoo because I can actually see a volumizing difference.
Drybar dry shampoo :: I only wash my hair about once or twice a week (it took lots of training) so dry shampoo is important. I love this one because it smells great, doesn’t stay white on my dark hair and I see a noticeable difference
Ouai spray :: A texturizing spray is a must – especially for clean hair. I love how this one from Ouai smells and it really does a great job at giving my hair not only texture, but volume too!


Beautyblender :: Now that I have a beautyblender, I really can’t imagine applying foundation without it. I first use a brush, then a damp beautyblender to smooth things out. The Sephora VIB sale is a great time to stockup on these.
Anastasia Beverly Hills tweezers :: I used to think all tweezers were made alike. Boy, was I wrong. Not to mention how some are much sharper than others. I have used many brands, but the Anastasia one is my favorite. It’s sharp, gribs the tiniest of hairs easily and doesn’t require a lot of pressure.
NARS Ita brush :: A cult classic, this is my go-to brush when I’m contouring. It creates a very sharp contour, but doesn’t loo overbearing. It picks up product and blends it effortlessly. Anyone can use this brush and look like a contouring pro!


Keeping Hair Healthy :: T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i

t3,featherweight,luxe,2i,blow,dryer,hair,healthy,silky,t3,featherweight,luxe,2i,blow,dryer,hair,healthy,silky, t3,featherweight,luxe,2i,blow,dryer,hair,healthy,silky,t3,featherweight,luxe,2i,blow,dryer,hair,healthy,silky,
T3 Featherweight luxe 2i Blowdryer, Tobi jumpsuit

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
Today I wanted to talk about keeping hair healthy. As you may know, I do curl and style my hair at least five times a week for work. I switch shampoos a lot, but I always use the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask as a conditioner and it is my holy grail. I wash my hair about once or twice a week and each time, I usually prefer to let my hair air dry to avoid adding an extra heat to it. However, that doesn’t always work out with my schedule and lately, I’ve found myself needing to have my hair dry pronto. T3 reached out to be about giving their blowdryer a try. I’ve been using it for a while and have noticed it is much gentler on my hair compared to other blow dryers, even if I have it on full heat and blast. Once dry, my hair feels soft and silky, never coarse. The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i has an ion generator to dry hair in a healthy way. The packaging says a specially-engineered fan generates a high volume of ion-enriched air exiting the dryer in a wide cone shape at a soft, gentle speed drying large sections of hair—fast. Negative ions in the airflow cancel static and quickly seal the cuticle, which helps hair retain natural moisture, reduces frizz and enhances shine. My stylist over at Dupre Salon and Spa in Virginia Beach uses this blowdryer as well, so I feel confident knowing this is a great pick for when I have to blowdry my hair. This blowdryer has also won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award in 2013.
When it comes to blow drying my hair, I don’t really have a science. My stylist has taught me various tricks, but I still just do the sides and back, switching between using my fingers and using a round brush.

Summer Skincare with Simple

Hello My Beautiful Friends!
As we get into summer’s scorching weather, it is so important to take good care of our skin. I will say I’ve been blessed with great skin thanks to my parents, but there are definitely some products I’ve incorporated into my routine to help make it glow. Read on to find out!

_MG_4065-1 _MG_4067-1 _MG_4071-1
I use wipes on a daily basis in both my skincare and makeup routine. I’m a big advocate of going to sleep and starting the day with a clean, fresh face. However, I have noticed washing my face twice a day so close to each other (I sleep for eight hours) did dry my skin out. That’s where these wipes from Simple come in. I love their philosophy on creating products aimed for sensitive skin. I stick to my normal makeup-removal and cleansing routine at night and use these wipes when I wake up. They are great for refreshing your face and getting all the gunk off your face from your night of beauty rest. I also bring these with me to the gym so I can immediately remove sweat from my face. I’ve noticed a big difference since I started using these versus a regular towel since these really get my skin clean. I also wipe down my decollete and neck. In my makeup routine, I love these wipes for cleaning up my eyeshadow and creating that sharp line before I use my gel liner.

_MG_4075-1 _MG_4077-1
Since moving to a beach city, I have been very diligent in making sure my daytime moisturizer has a strong SPF. However, as a TV Journalist, I couldn’t have my makeup slip off because of the sunscreen. This moisturizer has an SPF of 50 and feels great on the skin. It doesn’t feel greasy and aborbs into the skin well. It does have a hint of that sunscreen smell, but it doesn’t bother me. I’ve done both letting the moisturizer fully absorb (about 10 minutes) and apply makeup on it right after application and both times my makeup held up the same. I use this every single day in my skincare routine, unless I’m not leaving the house.

Being out in the elements and wearing a full face of makeup at least five times a week, my skin can get dull and irriated. I’m about a month into a sample, but am loving how supple my skin is after using this mask. The description says there’s two and a half roses in each jar. I apply this mask once a week when I see increased redness on my face or when it looks dull and I don’t want to exfoliate. _MG_4084-1
These peel pads have changed my life! I’m not exaggerating. I use them three times a week to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and resurface my skin. They also lighten dark spots and reduce the appearance of pores. These pads have also improved the overall texture of my skin. I used to have small bumps in between my eyebrows, toward the bottom of my chin and some other scattered areas. They aren’t 100 percent gone now, but they have greatly diminished. These are very strong, so I recommend starting out with just one pad a week and building up from there.

I received this as a gift from a thoughtful friend when I was at Miss USA and let me tell you, I’ve been hooked every since! I’ve heard of Sara Happ and her scrubs before, but for some reason, never purchased a jar. I’ve always had issues with my lips peel and just getting icky. Add using a liner, lipstick and gloss and you’ve got a recipe for something pretty gross if I’m being totally honest. I use this lip scrub every other day and it has helped my lips peel much less and feel softer.

I’m a lip balm addict. As much as I love Dior’s creme de la rose, I do dislike having to stick my finger or a spatula into it. I’ve heard great things about Jack Black’s lip balm so I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love how it comes out of a tube and it looks good over lipstick. It doesn’t add a lot of shine like creme de la rose, but it does have a slight sheen and feels great on the lips.

I feel like this toothbrush has changed my life. Before I had a drugstore spin brush and it worked great. However, this toothbrush is phenomenal. The timer for each quadrant is very convenient and ensures you brush for the recommended period of time. However, the cleaning capabilities are superb. The decrease in plaque is very visible and my mouth feels ultra clean. Plus, this gets in those tiny cracks. Only thing is to be careful not to accidentally hit another tooth with the back of the brush – the feeling is not exactly pleasant.

_MG_4106-1 _MG_4110-1

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