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My Hair-Care Routine for Sleek + Shiny Hair

Blogger Hoang-Kim wears a layered ruffle cold shoulder top with distressed jeansBlogger Hoang-Kim wears a layered ruffle cold shoulder top with distressed jeans Blogger Hoang-Kim wears a layered ruffle cold shoulder top with distressed jeansBlogger Hoang-Kim wears a layered ruffle cold shoulder top with distressed jeans Blogger Hoang-Kim wears a layered ruffle cold shoulder top with distressed jeansBlogger Hoang-Kim wears a layered ruffle cold shoulder top with distressed jeans
Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top (also comes in light blue), Distressed Denim (similar), Suede Block Heels, Tortoise Shell SunglassesTassel Earrings, Gold Bangle, Prada Cuir tote

Having long curly hair is part of my signature look. If you go through my blog photos, you’ll find 98 percent of the time my hair will be down, unless I’m doing a fitness post. Being on TV, I style and put products in my hair on a daily basis. Sometimes, I do it twice in one day! My hair-care routine consists of washing it once a week and then using a hair mask. This took years of training but it was worth it because my hair would get dry after washing multiple times.

You may have seen Selena Gomez and Priyanka Chopra in Pantene Pro-V’s ads with ever so shiny and glossy hair. It made me wonder if the brand had something more to offer. Not to mention, when a shampoo has close to 600 reviews and almost 5 stars, you try it. So I revisited an old favorite, yet this time it has a completely new formula, the Smooth & Sleek Shampoo with its matching conditioner and added it to my hair-care routine. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and one of the things I really enjoy is how well it lathers up. It has a very creamy, luxurious texture and does a good job of detangling my hair, even before conditioner goes on! While most shampoos only cleanse the surface of hair, Pantene’s new shampoos penetrate into the core. Nourishing lipids and antioxidants replenish your hair’s lost moisture, which is why you can wash it every day.

Blogger Hoang-Kim uses Pantene Pro-V shampoo + conditioner

I will be honest, I do not have the time to wash my hair every day. Between working long hours as a reporter and being a blogger, I really have to prioritize. However, I did notice washing every other day with Pantene did not leave my hair dry. Instead, my hair comes out looking smooth and shiny. This is great since I can get all the sweat and gunk out of my hair after cardio days! Overall, I really love how my hair is shinier and most importantly, smoother than before. I noticeably have fewer flyaways, which means I can use less hairspray. Now, when I go in to curl my hair, it’s an easier process. Also, I know my shampoo and conditioner are really working to keep my hair full of good antioxidants and lipids.


Feeling like the South of France feat. L’Occitane

First of all, traveling the world is definitely on my bucket list, but with my reporter job schedule and salary, it’s not exactly easy. The South of France is a big dream of mine. The beautiful beaches, rich culture and air of sophistication call out to me every time I see photos online. I’m evoking those feels a little closer to home with a sophisticated one-shoulder bikini top, matching bottoms and perfume. Scents can really transport us to a time or place, so I’m partnering with L’Occitane to bring me to the South of France. Their new Terre de Lumière collection is inspired by golden hour, a special time before the sun sets and a warm light blankets everything. The new perfume has zesty top notes, which I love. Plus, after a bit of wear, the perfume develops into aromas of lavender, honey and almond from the South of France.

My first introduction to L’Occitane came from my Dad. He brought home their famous hand creme for my Mom and I got to try some of it. As I got older, the more than 40-year brand became a name I trusted for skincare and fragrance. Their shea butter soap is one of my favs. Plus, I love L’Occitane’s dedication to plants and discovering ways to use natural ingredients in beauty products. However, I’m picky when it comes to perfumes and my collection only consists of two or three different scents. What I love about Terre de Lumière is it’s a warm scent but doesn’t feel heavy. While it has sensual notes and makes you feel sophisticated, it’s not overly powerful.

I brought the Terre de Lumière perfume and body lotion to a recent beach trip because I hate smelling like “outside.” If I really want a scent to last, I follow a few steps. First, use a scented shower gel. Second, apply body lotion to layer the scent on top. Finally, I spritz the perfume as I’m heading out the door. Since it can get pretty breezy at the beach, re-spritzing before heading to dinner is key for me. Another tip is to reapply the body lotion after reapplying sunscreen every couple hours.

Finally, to complete my South of France feels, I wore a luxe bikini to the beach. For my full review on this bikini go here. Also, I’m linking a few of my L’Occitane favorites below too 😉

Smooth Shiny Hair How-To :: T3 SinglePass Luxe

Blogger Hoang-Kim straightens her hair with the T3 SinglePass Luxe
Black Frill Sleeves Dress, T3 SinglePass Luxe c/o, Trollbeads bangle c/o

Last year when I moved to Norfolk, I got caught off guard with the humidity. The level of humidity in Hampton Roads is something I have not quite experienced. That is including when I traveled to Baton Rouge for Miss USA! Imagine days where I would be outside reporting all afternoon/early evening and the humidity was pulling strand by strand of hair down into a flat mess. The worst part was not that my hair was straight – it was an awkward wavy chunky straight because the curls have completely fallen out. Does anyone else have this problem? Not to mention, I did not have shiny hair. It was flat and dull. Not exactly how I want thousands of people to view me when they turn their TVs on for the 11 o’ clock news!

Blogger Hoang-Kim straightens her hair with the T3 SinglePass LuxeBlogger Hoang-Kim straightens her hair with the T3 SinglePass LuxeI’m taking action against that with the T3 SinglePass Luxe straightening iron. This pretty lady will be coming with me to work on humid days to ensure my hair looks its best. What I love about this curling iron is it will straighten hair in one fell swoop. No need to go back and do the same section over again. I definitely do not have time for that with breaking news. An internal microchip controls the temperature fluctuation and maintains even heat distribution along the plates. That way hair isn’t exposed to unnecessary heat and can stay healthy and strong. This is the secret to shiny hair that’s smooth and soft to the touch, not dry and fried.

This straightening iron can also do soft waves too if you desire. I still haven’t quite mastered that one, but if I do, I’ll be sure to let you know. I’m traditional in the sense I use a curling iron or wand to curl hair. Lately, I have been cutting my hair shorter than before and because of that, I don’t mind straight hair as much. The SinglePass Luxe has five adjustable heat settings and turns off automatically after an hour. An aspect I really like is the 360-degree swivel cord that doesn’t tangle or twist when you are styling your hair.

Blogger Hoang-Kim straightens her hair with the T3 SinglePass Luxe Blogger Hoang-Kim straightens her hair with the T3 SinglePass Luxe

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