Beauty Bar :: Bioderma

bioderma,crealine,h20,makeup,remover,sensibio,french,cleansing,water,shiseido,facial,cotton,shu,uemura,oil,oilsHello Everyone!
As a reporter and former pageant girl I constantly get asked about what I use to take off my makeup. I wear a lot more than the average person since it’s called for in my profession, but it doesn’t mean if you wear less you should skimp on makeup removers! For years, I’ve used the Shu Uemura cleansing oils, but it can get expensive and the bottle is awfully hard to travel with. When my best friend traveled to France this summer, I jumped on the opportunity at having her bring home a bottle of Bioderma for me.

This is by far the most gentle makeup remover I have ever used. The cleansing oils can sometimes leave my eyes feeling foggy, but Bioderma does no such thing, even with contacts on! It effectively removed a day’s worth of makeup, dirt and whatever grime I’ve managed to accumulate while out on a story.

bioderma,crealine,h20,makeup,remover,sensibio,french,cleansing,water,shiseido,facial,cotton,shu,uemura,oil,oilsI soak about 70 percent of a piece of the Shiseido Facial Cotton, you can use whatever cotton you like, and then gently place it on my eye. I like to do both at the same time and delicately rub my eye area for 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how much time I have or how much I want to unwind. Afterward, a little swipe takes off everything, gel eye liner, eyeshadow, mascara, all of it! Then I use the same cotton and wipe off whatever products I’ve used to fill in my eyebrows. From there, it takes two more pieces of cotton to remove my face makeup and I’m left with a clean face.

Something I really enjoy about Bioderma is how soft and moisturized my skin feels afterward. It doesn’t feel tight or get chalky like with other makeup removers I’ve tried. If you’ve ever thought about trying a new makeup remover, I highly highly recommend Bioderma. Once you use it, I’m sure it’ll be hard to use anything else!
Thanks for reading!